Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So...I got another bug up my butt.....

and I have decided on the advice of some other sweet Prim ladies to try eBay again. So I am listing a few things today, and maybe tomorrow?? Dunno....Ok so her is our eBay account link...Check it out and tell me what you think.

Really Great Old WoodenTobacco Cutter (For table)
Dark & Grungy Primitive Make-do Shelf from Old Wood
Grungy Candle Board w/ Cheesecloth & Flax
Grungy Primitive Make-do Fabric Jack o'Lanterns
Sweet Primitive Doll w/Wooden Bowl & Spoon
Primitive Sewing Items-Spindles-​Pegs-Stringers-​Scissor
Two Make-do Fabric Corn w/Husk & Grungy Feed Corn Bag
Primitive Grungy Handemade Make-do Gourd Serving Bowl

and all ready sold, but we have more.... 


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