Saturday, April 30, 2011

Announcing Prairie Threads!!!!!!!

Announcing Prairie Threads... Our new clothing line. We decided that there is no cute clothing for Primitive people available, or affordable and so Prairie Threads was born.... We had our first showing at Simple Goods and it was a big hit... Look soon for the website!

Started with a small booth, but after seeing how it went over, it will be added too greatly!

All clothing is designed by us, and either new or re-made. We also have sandals, purses, Jewelry, and Hair accessories, and all Prim!
What do you think of our new plaid bloomers?

And forgot this with the others.. Becky (me) and Lizzie...and I sware I was laughing :-)


  1. Hi Becky:) Hey, I could get into these duds! I love them. I'm your PAFA team sister and I'm new to ya... do you make the clothing?

  2. Thank you so much Carol...Yes we make the clothing, and some is upcycled...and some is Vintage. :-)

  3. Love the clothes!! Met you at the S.G. show last fall. Do you have a price list, I saw a blue plaid skirt that I think I need!(millstonemercantile)