Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day 2011- BBQ

Well this was just the best Mother's Day... My cute kids all made me cards and got me two precious tops to wear....
 And then my dear hubby Ken bought me a Schnoodle... Yep a Doggy, me who does not like dogs, LOVES LOVES this baby..... Lizzie got her own Schnoodle too for Mother's Day and they are both just the sweetest things ever!
 We spent the day With Gramma Fay at Uncle Mike's for a BBQ! It was the best Mother's Day ever!!
Me and my pooch Mopsy!
Lizzie & her pooch Flopsy
 Lizzie & Becky and Flopsy & Mopsy LOL
Four generations....Gramma Fay, Lizzie, Becky & Emily
There are five generations but great grandma is in California and sadly does not know who anyone is anymore....It's very possible that there will be 6 generations before she dies though. Wouldn't that be amazing!
 Gramma Fay wanted to make us feel pain I think, ha ha!
Hanging out by the fire....Jimmy, Willy, Uncle Mike and Ken
 Gina and her pooch Pepper! For those that don't know Gina is my sister!
 Mickey and Thomas showing off how strong they are!
 This is Uncle Mike's *Happy* Face, ha ha!! The chef!
And our pooped out pooches in their Car traveling basket

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