Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Outdoor Shower Project

We have an outhouse Lizzie and Phil put together, but Ma and I decided we wanted an outdoor shower. So Phil and Don moved the outhouse while Ma and I drove to the creek to get rocks. We thought how awesome would a rock floor be? So we hauled off a ton of flat rocks off a dirt road...I dropped a HUGE one on my foot that we planned on using for the outhouse step... I could hardly walk for a few days...Yikes..lucky I didn't break something.

It really turned out cute I think. Ma and I made a form, and mixed up the concrete (with Don's help) and started to lay out the stones...Smaller ones by where the water would come down so it would drain out. Bigger one's towards the back so it would drain down to the bottom and out. It was funny trying to hurry and decide where to put them as the concrete is drying. Then we realized we had to make it super smooth so no one broke a toe. So then we had to concrete around any sharp edges. Meanwhile it's drying and QUICK! It was a hoot! But all in all I think the floor turned out awesome and no stubbed toes so far. Once the floor dried Lizzie built the walls and door. Then she attached to the outhouse a small bench for changing. We haven't finished but I think it's pretty cool. We plan on putting more stones around the base of the walls (so the grass doesn't come in) and then making a wood chip and stone pathway all the way to the farmhouse! Not everyone would appreciate this but we get all manner of critters and bugs coming to visit...I guess they appreciate a good shower now and then too!

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