Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review- Hot Wheels® Street Hawk™

My kids were so excited to try out this new toy from Hot Wheels®! The Hot Wheels® Street Hawk™ is a Remote Control Flying Car that my 9 year old Thomas had been asking for this year! Wasn't he excited when we got it for free to review from Mattel and BzzAgent

The boys rushed outside to open it up, the box isn't one of those adult proof one's because they had it open in seconds! It was a pretty easy setup. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver and 6 AA batteries. BzzAgent graciously provided the batteries for us. In the box was the Flying Car, the remote Control, an instruction booklet and a USB charging cable. The instructions say to charge it for 40 minutes first, but they were so excited they just had to try it. Without charging it right away it worked for about 10 minutes.

My boys are 9 and 11. The box says for kids 8 and up. They first tried it on the grass and dirt, but it wouldn't roll well there, so then they moved over to the patio. Once there it went well. The first few tries were very amusing, they were rushing and couldn't get it to do anything but roll and flip. After about 5 minutes they had it flying. My 11 year old says the key is to slowly accelerate like if it were a real plane. Both boys could make it fly even though it was very windy outside.

I was able to leave them at it pretty much from the beginning. The both say they love it, and have it charging as we speak so they can continue to play! It takes 40 mins to charge, my favorite thing is you can charge it with the USB cord. My least favorite thing is that it only works for 5-6 minutes after charged.

It's very light and honestly when they opened it I thought it would be in pieces in 10 seconds or one crash landing, but it's tougher than it looks! Not even a scratch! All in all I would say this is a Hit!


  1. This looks amazing! I know I need to get this for my kids for Christmas! They will LOVE it! Thank you for the awesome review and photos! Helped make my decision much easier.

  2. Thanks Tre, it was a blast! They finally broke it today... but only a part you can replace!