Thursday, January 29, 2015

Marshmallow Peeps ~Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~Valentine's Day Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~I received this product for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own~

Peeps is such a holiday tradition for so many people. I don't remember a holiday as a child that Peeps weren't included. These days Peeps has so much more to offer Peeps lovers. My kids were super excited to try all the fun Valentine's Day offerings that Peeps has out. I (crazy mama alert) invited over a few of my daughters teenage friends for a "Let's try all the Peeps" party. Needless to say no one declined. So after a long day at school I had a house full of kids and out came the Peeps.

We had Peeps coming out our ear's...Peeps Marshmallow Hearts in Pink. These are the classic flavor and always a hit. The kids went through these in a flash. We got to try some different flavors like Strawberry Creme Flavored Marshmallow Hearts and Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Creme Covered Chicks.

Peeps Cherries Dipped and Drizzled in Chocolate and Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Hearts were a huge hit. These got passed around the whole table. They loved the drizzled chocolate and the raspberry filling. They actually fought over them.

Hands down the winner of the day was the Peeps Vanilla Creme Flavored Marshmallow Hearts. They had such a different vanilla flavor. I can't explain it but I can tell you it was wonderful. Light and fluffy and with such a sweet but not overwhelming flavor. I would love these from my sweetheart!

Do you want to get your sweetheart some of the fun Peeps flavors? Visit the Peeps Home.


  1. We love Peeps here. I love buying them at Easter in the pastel colors.

  2. I would love the Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Hearts.