Friday, September 11, 2015

~Review~ Tons of New Toys from Airsoft Joe on Amazon

I received these free for my honest and unbiased review.

So I just got a ton of fun new toys to review! My kids are just having a blast with them and have been trying them out for a couple weeks now. Up first is the 10 Piece Metal Toy Kitchenware Play Set by Velocity Toys. This set looks totally real only miniature pots and pans. So when your cooking your child can cook right along with you. The set comes with pots, pans, a lid, a strainer, some utensils, and a pot holder. These are very nicely made. They are a good quality and hold up well. They are metal and solid so nothing will break, unlike the cheaply made plastic sets. My kids love to stay in the kitchen while daddy is cooking and help. But sometimes that is just not a reality, so this set has been a life saver keeping them busy so they don't get hurt. I can tell this set is going to last through the years and multiple kids. It's easy to store and small for the little one's but so realistic they think they have the real thing.

Next up is the Drum Play Set w/ 6 Drums, Cymbal, Chair, Kick Pedal, Drumsticks by Velocity Toys. I have to say out of everything we got this toy was a kid favorite. Teddy who normally lays right down for his nap was NOT happy to leave his drums. The little stool is the perfect size for smaller kids and the drum set itself is a great size. We loved the little drumsticks. They are just long enough and wide enough for small hands. The drum set itself is plastic, but my little two have been beating it (to what seems like death) and it is still in good shape. I would recommend gluing the pieces together for long time setup so they stay together better but even if you don't it really stays up. It was also easy to put together and there are directions on the box itself.

My little one's have been playing with it all day today and its all still together. It did not take long for them to figure out how it works and unlike a real drum set this one is not super loud. So the kids can play with it all day without giving mom and dad a headache. It takes up very little space so can go right in the bedroom. It's a great learning toy and a huge hit in our house.

Up next we got a Double Neck Flaming Rock 'n Roll Toy Guitar. This one went over as well as the drums. It lights up and makes a lot of different sounds. They can basically pick from a ton of different things. Each button plays something different. It takes three AAA batteries which you need to provide. It comes with a neck strap that snaps on but will come off easy so no worries about them getting stuck with it around their neck. This one just makes you laugh, all the lights and different things it does. The kids just kept pushing it and between this and the drums had a whole band going! It is plastic but seems to be very well made and I think will survive the beatings of little kids. It was easy for them to hold and not too heavy. It's fun and cool to look at and play and they just love that. Rocking out and learning a love for music is a wonderful thing for any child.

We also got a Bow and Arrow Dart Playset w/ Suction Dart Arrows. I loved these when I was a kid, didn't you? This is just a fun and inexpensive toy that any kid will love. It comes with three arrows (with suction cup ends) a arrow holder, a bow and a cardboard target. The target is really too small for the set, but my kids really did not care. The all went outside with this set and their wooden gun sets and ran around playing. Its a good thick plastic bow so I think it will last quite awhile, at some point I see having to replace the arrows but that's understandable. The bow can be adjusted and has an easy grip for a small child. To use the arrows you just pull thru the hole and the arrows have a notch to attach them to the string (which is nylon). The arrow holder has a loop for their belt which makes it even more realistic. This is kind of fun pre scouting toy to me. My boys just loved it and like all the toys I got it was a hit!

Lastly we got a Rocket Shark Retro Cruiser Complete Banana Skateboard w/ Aluminum Trucks. This was tons of fun. My kids have skateboard but this one is different from a normal skateboard. The color is fun and my husband loves the better quality of the wheels, trucks and bearings. This skateboard will last my sons for a good long time and now the little one wants to learn. He likes it because it's bright and colorful but also looks similar to the big boys.

This is a great old fashioned banana board and made perfectly for smaller kids. It has a pattern on the top which provides good grip for the kids just learning. It has wide wheels for better balance. It has a high weight limit which means any of the kids can use it and not just the younger one. So while the younger one's are learning the older ones can show them how it's done!

You can buy any of these sets on Amazon.
Drum Kit
Double Neck Guitar
Pots and Pan Set
Bow and Arrow
Banana Skateboard

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