Thursday, March 10, 2016

~Review~ EGOZ Almond and Peanut Sleeping Bags

I received these items free for my honest and unbiased review.

I love these sleeping bag for summer camping trips, float trips, and sleepovers. It's well over six feet long, so good for almost any size person. I really like the top of the bag as it keep your pillow from slipping off onto the cold ground. I would not use this bag below around 45 degrees but for summer camping in normal weather it's perfect. I love the color and how lightweight it is to use. It only weighs around three pounds total. It comes with a storage bag and was pretty easy to roll and replace into that bag. These are perfect kid sleeping bags, in my opinion. They make great boy scout bags, for campouts and sleepovers. This is what we use them for. My son adores the blue color, and is glad it was not plain. I think this bag with normal light use will last you quite a few years. They are not really the kind of bag you can open and double but that is just fine, most bags are like that. I have one for each of my older boys. I would buy them for them again. The blue one is Peanut By EGOZ and the black one is Almond by EGOZ . The blue is a normal shaped bag, and the black one is a mummy style.

Lightweight Fun Colors
Carrying Bag
Great for Kids

Not for Cold Weather
Medium Quality

You can buy both on Amazon.

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