Saturday, March 19, 2016

~ Review ~ Unique Heat Portable Space Infrared Heater

~I received this at a discount for my honest and unbiased review but it still cost me a good amount. Links on this page are a friends and she will get a small commission from them if you purchase.~

The size of this Infrared Space Heater is just the best. It weighs as much as a small dog and makes moving around your home or even loaning to a friend so simple. The Infrared heating makes for a nice smooth heat without that too hot feeling you get from a typical electric room heater. Also good is that this space heater can heat multiple rooms. We have one propane heater for our large home, so we have a ton of little tiny electric space heaters in every room in the house. Our pipes tend to freeze every winter. So the uses for this infrared heater are great. It works perfectly in the downstairs by the bedrooms where the heat from the propane heater tends to not reach. Not to mention propane can be a real pain and expensive to have them come and fill.

This infrared heater is cool to the touch, so safe for kids and areas where they are, also with pets. Put the remote up and they can not change all the settings easy since they are on the top and not the front. The area is easy to read and use even for me and I get confused easily. It was just a cinch to program and setting it up is so simple all around. Just figure out where you want it, plug it in and turn it to the setting you prefer. I noticed after using it a few days instead of the small heaters my electric bill went from around $12 a day to $2-$3. So what a savings this space heater has saved me. This was the best money I have spent in years on any kind of heating or cooling unit and I will be buying another one for my upstairs bedrooms.

You can find the Unique Heat Portable Space Infrared Heater on Amazon HERE.

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