Thursday, May 19, 2016

~ Coupon Deal~ intelliARMOR iPhone 6/6S intelliGLASS Review & Coupon

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Finding a good, easy to apply screen protector can be such a pain these days. Everyone has a phone, and that phone was expensive. So you want to protect that investment. The most common concern is cracking and breaking the screen. Anyone with a smart phone knows, one crack is all it takes and your phone starts to become useless. You can't take photos, the screen touch feature stops working properly, glass starts falling out in your purse or pocket, and at some point the screen just becomes useless. I have bought a number of screen protectors over the last few years and some are ok, but last year I found one that I just loved. Recently I ordered a new iPhone 6 screen cover from intelliARMOR and I love it just as much as my old one.

The intelliARMOR iPhone 6/6S intelliGLASS protector set comes with everything and I mean everything you need to keep your phone screen safe. It's not just a screen protector it's a set, making it easier to apply, and get on evenly without a ton of annoying streaks and bubbles. They do claim to help be anti radiation also. That is for sure a plus in my book. The phone protector itself is thin and totally clear. It even comes in the same colors as your phone so you can't even tell it's there. You just know it's safe. It already has cut holes for your buttons and camera, so no trying to fiddle and fix those or have a hard time using them.

The steps are so easy. First take the included cleaning wipe and clean your phone and screen completely. You need it to be good and clean to attach the screen protector.

The next step is to wipe it off with the microfiber cloth. This is also included and has their fun logo printed on it. This will also work for keeping your screen clean later, or your eyeglasses, etc.

Next is to apply the dust removal sticker to your screen. Make sure to apply some pressure anywhere it touches. This last step ensures your screen is fully clean and will take well to your new intelliARMOR screen protector. Make sure once you remove this that you DO NOT TOUCH the front of your phone. Otherwise you will need to repeat this process.

Lastly you will apply your screen. Keep your phone flat when applying and stable. Align it carefully with the edges and buttons on your phone. Don't worry if you mess up you can remove it and reapply. Once it's where it should be lightly add pressure starting to smooth from the center outwards. Use your microfiber cloth and wrap it around the little plastic board and use this to smooth out any bubbles remaining. Again from the center out.

It's a pretty simple application, and it works great. They do make them for other makes and models of phones. Like I said before I have bought other phone protectors from them in the past. If you're interested in getting a discount just use the code INTELLI20 on AMAZON for 20% off your purchase. They also have wonderful customer service if you do need some help.

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