Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas... A day in our World..Ok really three!

We spent Christmas Eve making Tamale's. It's a tradition in my husbands family. One I am certainly NOT complaining about. It's a ton of work but so worth it! We went to Phil's parents because there is more room. Tamale making is time consuming and takes a ton of space. One day I promise to write you a DIY on how to make good Tamale's. I Promise!

This was Nikolas' first time making Tamale's. I think he made his daddy proud!

Christmas was very relaxed with 6 of our 8 kids gone elsewhere. We only had Teddy and Nikolas. How fun though, first Christmas for one, and first truly fun Christmas for the other.

If your interested, we got the ADORABLE crocheted fruit rattles from Freja Toys on etsy! They were a hit! Well, I'll leave you with a Birthday Breakfast on the 26th, Happy 2nd birthday Nikolas! He was so proud of himself...

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  1. My goodness, what a sweet Christmas! The boys are SO adorable! Tamales look phenomenal! Mmmmm