Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reebok is having a 30% off Sale Items Sale..Cute Stuff....

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Got an email today that Reebok was having a sale, 30% off any sale items. So just for giggles I went and looked. Ok I can't resist a sale, doesn't matter who has it. I was pleasantly shocked...Cute stuff! BTW if you go, use the code- EXTRA30

Women's and Men's T-shirts, athletic shorts and Tank tops from $10.50. I may "need" a cupcake shirt!

I'm thinking these cute models aren't hurting sales, ha ha!

There is some hockey clothing on sale...if your a fan, we are!

And of course adult running shoes starting at around $31 on sale... Awesome deals

Anyhow you get it... Take 30% off any sale it at Reebok. Use code EXTRA30

The sale ends on 12/31/2014

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