Friday, January 2, 2015

~Review~ The Surviving Momhood Subscription Box

I have become friends with this mommy..We met at a online party of all things! She is the nicest person and when I found out she ran her own subscription box for moms, I thought I have to try that! What a wonderful idea! So I ordered a box for December..

The theme for the December Surviving Momhood box was "Baby, it's Cold Outside". When you order she asks you all sort of questions to give you a more personalized box. So each box will be slightly different. This is mine.

Each box starts with a note explaining the box and this one included Hot Chocolate Spoon recipes. Yummy...

You'll have to forgive me I opened this for Christmas but didn't take photo's till try getting photo's with a 2 year old in the mix. Of course that ended up happening anyway as you shall see...

Each Surviving Momhood box comes with something fun for your kids...In ours was these adorable fox ear muffs, and for mom fluffy white one's. Can't you just see yourself skating on a frozen pond with a cup of hot cocoa? Nikolas LOVES his ear muffs, they go everywhere with us now. He calls them his hat...he also steals mine but amazingly they are still white. This was one of my favorite item's in the box. You can never go wrong with fur and a good neutral color.

There was also an ornament for the little one's. Nikolas was thrilled because it had Mickey Mouse on it. He is currently in love with Mickey. I was thrilled because he has no idea it's filled with candy! He went straight to the Christmas tree with it.

Next was a Thomas Kinkade Mug filled with yummy goodies. I'm always up for a larger than normal coffee/tea mug and English Breakfast tea is my favorite tea. A little milk and sugar. It also comes with a Sugar Cookie and some candies. I'm not normally a huge fan of Thomas Kinkade, but this fit right now. I'm missing my grandma Jeanie and dementia is setting in. She hardly remembers me, and this reminds me of her. It made me cry. She only drinks tea, and loves Thomas Kinkade. So this part of the box really mean't something to me. Isn't it funny how that happens? God speaks in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

The box was filled with accessories. A pair or warm gloves, and a hat and scarf. I was a little sad nothing matched..but I love the pink and the fur. I'm giving the hat to Emily (she's 16) because I can't stand purple. I dunno why but I have a huge aversion to all things purple and anything with butterflies or dolphins... They make me cringe. It's too bad because I love the hat, just not the color! It's soft and fuzzy. The scarf is soft also, kind of silky!

This next item was my favorite part of the box. I can see my color choices play out here with the pink and green. It's a handmade coffee cup sleeve. Not only is it cute but I LOVE supporting small business.. I think you guys know that! This was made by Stitched by Katie on etsy. She has a few other cute things, keychains and hair items. I really love the paisley on this and the colors of course! Yes I know it's weird that I love green so much!

Lastly the box has some yummy goodies in it. Some Cider Spices, Lindor Truffles and Caramel Hot Cocoa. For whatever reason I don't like anything but hard cider so I let my mom take the cider spices. She was thrilled. Yes I've heard it before how un-American of you, hey guess what I don't like apple pie either. I do love baseball though. That has to count for something, right? I LOVE the caramel hot cocoa. I love caramel. Yummy!

The value of the Surviving Momhood box is very good. I didn't look up every item but just the Thomas Kinkade mug, the ornament and coffee cup sleeve cover the cost of the box. Each box is $30, or $65 for 3 months. You can also get a 6, 9 or 12 month plan for a really good discount. She also offers a fun Surviving Kidhood box just for the kids! My kids are begging for one. There is also a Survivng Momhood with my Faith, and a Luxury box called "It's All in the Bag".

I'm sure she'd love to hear from you, and if you have any questions she's usually around on her Surviving Momhood page on facebook. Let her know I sent you!

~I was not given anything for this review. I payed out of my own pocket for this box. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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