Tuesday, December 2, 2014

~Review~ Honey Amber Teething Necklace by LAMB

I have a 7 month old who is teething...and we all know what that means. Crying, screaming, fussiness, sleeplessness, and pain. I decided to try a Amber teething necklace that I have been hearing so much about from other mommies. I'll be honest, I was in no way thinking it would help, but hey what did I have to lose? If it worked I got a happier baby and if it didn't at least it was pretty. It's also a plus that it's all natural and not a medication.

I ordered an Amber teething necklace by Lamp on Amazon. I got Honey but it also comes in Cognac and Multi Colored. It came in a little sheer bag with a Certificate of Authenticity. That was nice because I know so many out there just say they are natural Baltic amber. This is the real deal and I have the proof.

As soon as it arrived I put it on him. I was pleased with how stretchy it was. The color is beautiful, honey is an appropriate way to describe it. The pieces of amber are smooth, with no rough edges and are knotted between. It has an easy screw on/off clasp. This was wonderful as I was trying to put it on my crying 7 month old Teddy. It took mere seconds to attach. I know from trying another brand of anklet that this is not always the case.

Teddy started laughing at me, while he is usually a happy baby, today he was very fussy. He's had it on for a few hours now and I have noticed a change in his mood. While I can still tell he is teething, I've noticed a dramatic change in him putting things in his mouth. He also hasn't been crying, or screaming since. He's been laughing and playing with toys. During nap time he stayed asleep the entire time, and woke up happy and not fussing.

Another great benefit is that this necklace fits bigger children. My 2 year old Nikolas wanted to put it on and I let him. Nikolas has a very big head, in the 90th percentile so I wasn't sure it would fit. It fit him just as well as it fit Teddy. I wouldn't mind having another one for him.

I give this teething necklace a thumb's up! It's beautiful and effective. If you would like to try it for yourself you can find it on Amazon!

All thoughts in this post are my own honest opinion! All photographs in this post belong to PrimitiveGypsy and/or Lamb.

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