Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moving....and the flood...

Yep we love to move. Ok not really. I mean who loves packing up and moving all the time? What we like is going to new places. We decided awhile ago that while we love living on the farm we really wanted to be in town for the kids. Now when I say town what I really mean is one horse town. Summersville....population 500. Now population 507! We've been watching and waiting for a place. Houses in town don't come up often. So we finally find one (the hovel we called it) and were going to move and got a call that a much bigger, roomier place opened by the school. Still a hovel, but a hovel with potential.

We started our demolition yesterday. The previous tenants left everything they'd owned inside and in the front yard. When anyone asks where we are moving, I say you know that house by the school with all the trash. Seriously...I bought three boxes of garbage bags. What's sad is some of it's not bad. It's not my style, but it's not bad. So you have to wonder why? The neighbor came over and was so happy. No kidding! I'm happy someone is cleaning it and I didn't have to look at it everyday.

You know I could have a fine collection of yard art, a toilet, a sink, a broken birdbath, chaise lounge! Ha ha....No I'm totally kidding. What I was thrilled to see was hardwood under the old green carpet. We pulled that sucker up quick. Even better it's in pretty good shape. There is one spot where they started to paint it and then stopped....but we can sand that.

The kitchen is kind of cute, it can be left for now with just some paint touch-ups. The bathroom on the other hand....well it needs some serious love and new...EVERYTHING!

Today's plan was water on, internet called, more carpet pulling, top to bottom bathroom clean. Well that ended at water on. Yes the water was on for Noah. His ark would of gone in the yard nicely. Pipes must of froze, water poured out from under the house. Don spent all afternoon and evening in a foot of water. He will be finishing his scuba adventure tomorrow.

So for now we are cleaning and fixing. Lot's of painting to do, lots of trash to clean up and burn. It's a slow process. We still plan on having animals, especially chickens. The pig will stay at the farm till she's bacon ready. Off on a new adventure!

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