Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~Review~ Bloody Mary Mix by SalsaCrazy

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

Let's just start with the first words out of my husband's mouth were "WOW" when he tried this for the first time. He decided that a red beer would be fun to try. So he mixed the Bloody Mary Mix by SalsaCrazy in with his beer and gave it a swig. I have to say I laughed because of the "WOW" response. He is a chef and NOTHING gets a "WOW" response, ever!

Upon first drink he said it was almost sweet but then heat started to fill his mouth. It was very enjoyable and so tasty but not too hot. It gives the full flavor of the habanero. His net reaction was can we get more of it? So I know it was a huge hit! Also look at how fun the bottle is. I can't wait to try the other SalsaCrazy products!

You can buy the Bloody Mary Mix by SalsaCrazy on Amazon.

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