Monday, May 25, 2015

~Review~ Yumms! Grill Mats, Burger Press and BBQ Grill Light & Giveaway!

~I received these for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.

Just in time for summertime I was given the chance to try some great BBQ products from Yumms! They sent me Grill Mats, a BBQ Grill Light and a Burger Press. My husband was very excited to get to try these out yesterday.

First up is the two piece set of of BBQ grill mats. These are non stick and are super easy to clean. You just lay these on the grill and keep the meat or veggies, etc on the mat and not falling through to the coals. The mats also block any ash from rising through to your meat when using wood or charcoal. The mat also makes for even cooking compared to open grilling. These can withstand heat of up to 450 degrees. The BEST thing about them is you can cut them to fit any size or shape of grill. We have a round grill so shaped them round. When your done since they are flat you can store them just about anywhere.

Next we got a really nifty BBQ light for your grill. This is adjustable so can be attached to most anywhere. It fits perfectly on the handle of any grill but We put ours on a pole next to our grill. It comes with a screw driver for the battery cover and is easy to remove and replace batteries. It can be used in the rain and is perfect for those late night, Hey a hamburger sounds good kind of nights. It is very bright and you can see much more than just your grill. It honestly just makes a good deck/patio light when your not grilling.

Lastly the Yumms! Burger Press. These make a perferct 4 oz burger, and also have an insert to make smaller burgers which is helpful for feeding young children. It is very compact and all fits together to store easy. It has rubber grips on the bottom which keep it from slipping while in use. It was so easy our two year old was able to help daddy make hamburgers. I would highly recommend using wax paper or something similar to make the burger slide out easier. In order to use start balled up hamburger mix and your spices, etc. You place on the press, put the top with handle down on burger. Gently press it down, and slowly pull up. If you want to make a smaller burger, put the insert in the bottom of the press before adding your meat.

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