Saturday, January 30, 2016

Help Your Local Schools and Kids who Live in Rural America!

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I know, I know depressing title. But imagine living in a place 3 hours from a city, with no jobs, no good education, no money, more drugs than people...The depression in some rural schools is real. Imagine being 15 and not having internet, a computer, or access to a decent library? Imagine your parents working 2-3 part time job, sometimes hours away from home. This is what it's like where I live. Our schools are literally falling down and we are working for a miracle. A teacher at the school is asking for a very small amount of help. Just three computers. I don't know about you but I have two computers just for my house, some of these kids have none, or are sharing early 1990's computers between a ton of students.

I don't ask for help often, but this school and others need it. I found this wonderful site called for teachers to ask for help. They show you where every penny goes down to shipping or tax. This particular teacher I am supporting teaches Science. She is one of those teachers that has a ton of heart. She cares about her kids, enough to stay in a poor paying job in the middle of nowhere, and trust me she could be working anywhere she wanted to. Please help support her and her kids. I can tell you some of these kids are so intelligent and just don't have any advantages. Please help to bless them in a small way by going to DonorsChoose and donating $5, $10 or anything. It all helps.

Here is a description of what they need the most.

My Students

Most of my students come from very disadvantaged backgrounds, with no Internet connection at home. We have limited technology at our school, as well. Technology upgrades play a vital role in helping my students stay engaged. Our school is located in a rural area with limited opportunity for jobs. No major industries are in our area, which means that our tax base is very low. Our students and staff know each other on a personal basis because of the small size of our student body.

My Project

I am using Chromebooks to utilize the Google Classroom and integrate technology into my science classes. Students are using this technology to incorporate writing assignments in the study of science and to create oral presentations. Students are also using the Chromebooks to access simulations and educational videos to support classroom instruction. Our students are not given the same opportunities to access technology as other school districts in our country. A good education is the greatest equalizer in our society. Without the proper tools, our students are not receiving the same chance for success.

Thank you just for reading this, because change only takes ONE person. Please go HERE if you want to help!

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