Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~ Review ~ GF Pro Children's Toy Multimedia Learning Tablet

I received this at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

I must say when this first arrived I was not impressed. It's basically a tablet looking piece of plastic with a big sticker. But after letting my son try it I was quite a bit happier. The buttons on this do work, letters, songs, numbers, games, etc. The on and off button works, and so while the materials are lacking for the cheap cost I think it's not a bad deal. My 1 and 3 year old sons have been playing with it for about a week. I was worried they would push through the sticker but that has not happened. It does exactly what you would expect it too.It is loud, but teaches them a number of different things like any other mini tablet or computer would do. When it arrived there was no screw in the battery cover, so that's a real flaw as any toddler can pull that off, yank out the batteries and loose them. It requires three AA batteries which are not included.

What all does it include? It has modes for a number or different things. Letters, Words, Spelling, Numbers, an Alphabet song and a quiz. There is an on and off button, and volume buttons. You will want those as it's VERY loud when they first turn it on. My only other real complaint is that my kids wanted to turn it on, on the side like a normal tablet but this one has a on/off button on the sticker screen. All in all while I would not call this a high quality toy, it is an inexpensive version of one and a much nicer price.


Easy to See Buttons

Volume Control

Many Learning Modes

Same Size as Most Tablets

Fun for Toddlers


Cheap Construction

Sticker Screen

LOUD When Turning On

No Battery Cover Screw

I would honestly give this a 3.5 stars if I could. It's not quite a three but certainly not a four. You can get one of your own on AMAZON!

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