Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our Favorite Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers & Cleaning Tips!

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I have been asked a few times which Essential Oil Diffusers I use. I actually have one to two in every room in my house so I use a lot. But I thought I would let you all see a few of my favorites and why I chose them. I love using a Diffuser. Using Essential Oils topically or ingesting them can be very dangerous if you do not know how to use them properly. So this can be the best and most safe way to use them, especially for new Essential Oil enthusiasts.

Hands down my absolute favorite Essential Oil Diffuser is the BellaSentials Bamboo Diffuser. I love the sleek look of it. My house is done in primitive antiques and most of those white cone diffusers just look so goofy sitting around. This wood looking one just blends in with everything else. It also runs for a full day or night. It can hold 400ML of water where most only hold around 150ML. It has an automatic shutoff and subtle rotating lights that can be turned off. It also (the Dark Bamboo) doesn't beep when it turns off, so it's great for a bedroom. I use mine in the living room and the master bedroom because it's best for a large room. It's also a really good price for the size and look. This is what I would call a classier kind of Diffuser! I own three and have given away a number as gifts. This Diffuser is also BPA free and so that is a huge plus! You can get the BellaSentials Bamboo Diffuser on Amazon HERE.

My second favorite Essential Oil Diffuser is the InstaNatural Diffuser. This Diffuser is all white with a color changing top. It will rotate soft and soothing color as long as it is on. You can leave on one color, or turn the lights off. This diffuser is perfect for a small room and very simple. I use mine in the bathroom. It has a strong mist output and also has an automatic shutoff. It holds 100ML of water so is perfect for such a small room. It would work great in a bathroom, hallway, office or laundry room. I have had this Diffuser the longest and have had no trouble with it ever and that is what makes it my second favorite. It is also BPA free!! You can get the InsaNatural Diffuser on Amazon HERE.

My third favorite Essential Oil Diffuser is the ZAQ Paradise Glass Essential Oil Diffuser. Now this is not your normal diffuser, more of a statement of art. It's a large glass dome and has rotating colors. You can also leave on one color or shut them off. It also has the automatic shutoff feature. I have this one by itself on a table where we do our work and homeschooling. Do not order this thinking it will fit on a table with a ton of other stuff, or your bedside table. This diffuser is HUGE to look at and holds 200ML of water so lasts around 6 hours or half a day. The interior of the Diffuser is plastic but you only can see the glass dome. It also works as an ionizer. The price is really good considering what you're getting. It's perfect for a living room, or open space. You can get the ZAQ Paradise Glass Diffuser on Amazon HERE.

Cleaning your Essential Oil Diffuser is JUST as important as cleaning your body. If you do not clean them regularly the oils can destroy them, clog them or literally cause them to come apart when using citrus oils. I have tried numerous ways to clean but I have found these are the best.

Clean out weekly with a soft cloth or paper towel dipped in white distilled vinegar. Use a q-tip to clean the little tights spots and to remove harder oils. This is ESPECIALLY important if you use mainly citrus oils. Some diffusers state to not use them at all, although I know these three with regular cleaning has been no problem. DO NOT ever let citrus oils sit in your plastic diffuser without water. It's unhealthy because they will literally make the plastic come apart and will break your diffuser.

Sometimes you will find even with regular cleaning your diffuser will stop running. Normally the motor will not come on but you have lights. If this is the case (or you know your lax about cleaning weekly) try pouring a small amount of white distilled vinegar in your diffuser and then turn it on. Only let it run for a minute or two, any longer could damage it. Pour out the vinegar and replace with just water and also let that run for a minute or two. You should then be good to go and are free to use as normal.

Did you accidentally over pour water into your diffuser and now it won't work right, bubbles over or puddles? A pretty easy fix to this is to remove all the water and let your diffuser air dry. Once it's totally dry, try it again and it should work just fine. Be careful to never overfill because this can ruin your diffuser forever.

I hope these tips helped you. Please feel free to email me at with any questions.

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