Sunday, June 12, 2016

~ Review ~ iPhone 6s Battery Pack and Portable Charger. Great Deal!

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My son has an iPhone 6s and so I thought this could certainly be something he can use. These seem to constantly have to be charged and the battery never lasts quite long enough. You get in the car and a couple hours later you're seeing the warning for a low battery. Even if you're not using every app known to man. This handy dandy Battery pack and charger should add around 10 extra hours to your iPhone. My son isn't a huge talker or app playing kind of kid so he never needs this much. But, it does keep his phone on all day. No need to worry, because we can always get ahold of him.

This set includes a removable 2,900mah battery that can be swapped out on the fly or removed when not in use. It also comes with a hard snap on case. My son had no trouble getting the battery or the cover on at all. It just snapped right into place, and he was still able to use all his buttons, ports, etc. He had no complaints about that. It does make the phone bulkier and heavy, but unless you constantly leave this one (which you should not) it won't be an issue. It's something I would keep in the glove box of your car, trunk, etc. Or if you're one of those women that have a large purse, no problem! Included is a nice little bag to store it in, when not in use. It also has an LED charging indicator on the side of the phone, so you will know when it needs a new charge. It goes from four lights down to one. It can charge your phone in around 30 minutes, give or take.

It was a bit harder to get off, and he said that to him is the only downfall at all of this battery pack and charger. It does leave a small lip, which we thought was odd at first, but trust me you're glad it's there. I asked would it make him stop using it and was answered with a resounding oh heck no, this thing is awesome. So now he uses it to play games in the car, and on trips. We drive back and forth across the country often, so this is a perfect travel companion. The price, in my opinion, is a great deal and comparable to much less efficient chargers that are not as portable.

You can get your own iPhone 6s Battery Pack and Portable Charger HERE on Amazon!

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