Monday, June 13, 2016

~ Review ~ Wolfyok Blue Sleeping Bag

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This is the coolest sleeping bag. It's for sure the most compact sleeping bag I have ever seen and I have owned a lot of sleeping bags over the years. My family goes camping all year long, no matter the weather. This bag is perfect for sleeping outside in the summer because it's meant for warm weather camping. It would be an ideal companion in your camper or motorhome.

This sleeping bag is very thin and rolls up so small. It's a great one if your hiking and to have around just in case. It weighs nothing and can be attached to your belt, backpack, etc. This bag is perfect for kids, perfect for the hammock, mat, cot, or mattress camping. It's thin shell and very little padding makes it easy to carry and store, but also makes it not ideal for ground camping. Unless maybe it's a young child. One thing I do love is that unlike the mummy style of sleeping bag you can unzip this one fully and use it as a cover for two when it's hot, or just breezy. It could also be used as a picnic style blanket, shaken out and quickly folded back up.

I also love that because it is so thin and lightweight it can be machine washed. Very few sleeping bags can live up to that without taking them to the cleaners or a large capacity washer. It would be awesome for a bicyclist, hiker, or quick camping trip! You can get one of your own on Amazon HERE. By the way, did I mention the wonderful low price?

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