Thursday, February 19, 2015

~Review~ Imaginative U Subscription Box for Kids

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own~

My kids could not wait for this box to come. They are all very hands on kids who love science projects. So we were very excited to do this. This box was full to the brim. Here is our unboxing.

We read through the book they included first. It's called Snowflake Bentley. Then we decided to start with the snow project. Imaginative U includes multiple projects in the box but my kids had done this before and loved it. So they wanted to do it again. It's very simple and re-usable. You can put it in a plastic baggie and add water once it dries and use it over and over. It's especially fun for kids that live in warm climate's. Basically all you do is pour the mix in a bowl or on something flat and add water. Enough until it turns clear.

Our next project was crystals. The box included everything you may need, and the directions were pretty helpful. There was a few parts where we had to improvise. But by the next day we had crystals as you shall see. This project was easy, but if you want instant gratification it's not in this one. My kids were excited to look the next day though and find they had crystals. It was not to hard and not to easy for them. They are 9 and 12.

My kids loved this box and for the most part your paying for stuff you already have at home. What you don't have doesn't really equal the cost of the box. But on the plus side I hate wandering around trying to find all of this stuff and to me driving to get it would cost way more than the box. I live in a rural area. So all in all we loved this box and if my kids asked I would certainly buy it just for the ease of it all. They had a blast doing just the two projects we worked on.

This box would make science fair projects a breeze. They also have boxes for groups if you home school or need a scout project. You can order Imaginative U for $45 for a three month subscription. You can also do a one month trial for $22. They also offer add a sibling for $10.

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