Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take the Human Score Test from Reebok

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Head on over to Reebok and take the HUMAN SCORE test. Then share your results with me @GypsyBecky and #BeMoreHuman

I got Congratulations, human. You are a bona fide Guardian. Guardians aren’t messing around when they use the expression “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” But while plenty of people will go out of their way to help others, Guardians make a conscious decision not to neglect their own well-being in the process. Instead, they recognize that in order to help others reach their potential, they have to be pushing the boundaries for their own potential. Even if that means failing from time to time. Guardians are nurturers by nature, people-oriented social beings who thrive on group-oriented activities. Living a long and healthy life is one thing. But living a long and healthy life surrounded by the tribe they’ve made their own is what Guardians strive for. It’s what makes them feel more human.

I find that this is pretty true for me.

Be More Human


Living a healthy lifestyle is generally important to Guardians. Guardians may indulge in a few guilty pleasures from time to time or skip a workout when they’re not in the mood to exercise, but this doesn’t mean that they take their health for granted. Overall, Guardians appreciate their bodies and treat them well. They push hard to do their best and can serve as a great catalyst for pushing others around them to do their best, too. The Guardian’s social nature makes them great candidates to try group-oriented workouts like CrossFit or team-based competitions like Spartan Races. Better yet, getting involved in charity fitness events will keep Guardians physically fit while they‘re doing their part to help their fellow humans.

Be More Human

Reebok’s mission is to help every individual realize their full potential in the mental, physical and social aspects of their lives, by encouraging a fitness-focused life, and creating the products to perform in the toughest environments and activities.

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