Thursday, January 22, 2015

Running Water and How much I miss it....

I've never really given a thought to having running water. I mean who does, it's just a fact of life today. You get a house, and you get water. It comes out hot when you need it, and cold when you don't. It's an endless supply, you can leave it on and it never stops coming, until one day it doesn't!

Don has been working on our pipes now for six days. That's right six days with no water, no bath, no showers, no dish water. Six days of ok, surely now it's fixed and an hour later when the test comes all you hear is screaming...TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF, as water pours out of another pipe somewhere else. This house only has one bathroom. Surely there can't be that much pipe left can there? Imagine if it had 2 or 3 bathrooms? I finally can appreciate having one bathroom for 10 people because it mean's there is less that can go wrong. Sad, that thought.

The second day of pipe obliteration saw us ripping up the bathroom floor because the people who owned this house thought it was a grand idea to put a bathroom on the old porch. Only the bathroom wasn't raised up, so all pipes rest on the COLD concrete porch. Why then do they wonder that the pipes all froze and burst? Am I the only person who looks at pipes on a COLD concrete floor and thinks, hey this is a pretty terrible idea? Apparently I am.

Poor Don has been working in the freezing cold wet ground day after day, trying to repair them. Then he whistles as he leaves for work. I think I need to follow in his footsteps, only I can't imagine whistling during this. I think I got the easy job, ripping up carpet and cleaning up the mess the people before us left. Can I say I never want pets again? Ok maybe I do, but long after this goes out of my head.

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