Wednesday, February 11, 2015

~Giveaway & Review~ Sleep Well Review & Giveaway

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I have Fibromyalgia and so I have a very hard time sleeping. I don't like to take a ton of medicine on a nightly basis. Sleep cd's are such a wonderful alternative. This is a guided imagery cd. I had not tried something like this before. The Sleep Well cd is 30 minutes of low guiding and background music. It really did help me relax and fall asleep. In my book that's huge!

The description they give is as such. The "Sleep Well" CD take you on an imaginary voyage to a lovely and soothing place where you will learn how to cast your cares away. You will then make a pact with yourself to Sleep Well. It is that simple, just a qualified guide with a sweet and comforting voice, some beautiful music and your own intention to improve the quality of your sleep. There is nothing more mysterious than that contained in this audio program.

Listening to a detailed visual description of a physical place causes our subconscious to create a photo for itself. Add some beautiful relaxing music and it can seem even more real. Since our subconscious mind can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy, we experience that place as if it were real. At that point, our conscious mind is distracted and our subconscious is open to suggestion.

A deep state of subconscious is the ideal place to affect behavioral change. When intentions are instilled at this level, they become indelible in our psyche. This is the science of hypnosis, and the aim of this program is to aid you in the process of self-hypnosis through guided imagery....and help you achieve a deep restorative sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping I would give this one a try. The music is very nice and soothing. The only fault I could find is that the woman's voice is not as soft as I would like, but still rather pleasing.

Would you like to win the Sleep Well cd for yourself? I am giving one away on my Facebook page GypsyMomma's. The contest ends tomorrow 2/12/2015 so get your entry in!

Primitive Gypsy is not responsible for the fulfillment of this prize. Prize will be sent by the sponsor.

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