Wednesday, February 11, 2015

~Review~ Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own~

I don't use a whole lot of beauty products but I thought curling my long lashes would be fun. It's great mother daughter bonding to have a beauty night. So my 16 year old Emily and I tried some beauty products for fun. The Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler was one of Emily's favorite items that evening. We were both a bit nervous because we'd never tried one. I in particular don't like things in my eyes. I was very happy that this really doesn't get that close to your eye at all. It didn't tug, or feel odd at all. It has a soft pad on it so you don't break and lose eyelashes. What was really great for me is that, for the first time my eyelashes were not hitting my glasses.

Each Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler comes with one extra silicone refill pad. Each Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler has a 100% lifetime guarantee. I for one am hooked. You can find Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler on Amazon.

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