Saturday, April 4, 2015

~Review~ 3-Piece Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool Set

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I love to garden. Every year my husband and I plant a big garden for food and just for pretty. The 3-Piece Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool Set I received is one of the nicest sets I have owned. They are a light weight construction makes them easy to use all day. They are ergonomic so for my pain these are wonderful to use. They have been very durable and has made it possible for me to do even big jobs in my yard. The bright handles make them easy to find in the yard when you have walked away.I always lose tools in the yard.

All three tools in this 3-Piece Garden Tool set have heads made from high-quality, lightweight and extremely strong polished aluminum, with tough handles covered by a soft rubber palm grip.

The key benefits of these gardening tools are:
Durable enough for a lifetime of usage. They are rust-resistant, easy to clean and very strong.
Reduced hand and arm fatigue. Our designers have paid careful attention to the ergonomics of the handles. They do not have ribbed sides like grips on other tools. Instead, the handle underside is gently molded to fit the natural position of your fingers when gripping the tools. This means that whilst the handles are large, they still fit snugly in smaller hands. The top side of the handle has a thumb depression enabling additional downward force without extra strain on your hands and forearms.
Easy to spot in your garden. The bright colored handle design ensures they are easy to spot, even from a distance.

The Hand Tool Set Includes:
Garden Trowel: (32cm,209 grams)
Transplanter: (32.5, 215 grams)
Cultivator: (32cm, 236 grams)

You can buy your own 3-Piece Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool Set on Amazon.

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