Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Day at Alley Mill Spring Eminence, Missouri Part 1

My husbands two children came home for Spring Break last week. This is a super small rural area and so we were at kind of a loss on where to go. Very close by in Eminence, Missouri is Alley Mill's beautiful with caves and hiking. That is the perfect place to take active kid we thought, and we were right!

As always when we go anywhere we learn something new.. that day we taught the kids about Watercress that grows in the Spring there. We even all tried some. Nikolas thought it was grand, but the older kids not so much. It's pretty bitter fresh like that, but has a ton of vitamins. Eat away kids, eat away! The flowers are just pretty, no idea what they are.. I can't be expected to know everything, come on!

Come on Mom..... we have some hiking to do. I want to climb the rocks..and boy did he...

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