Wednesday, June 24, 2015

~Review~ Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones

I received these for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

My two year old Nikolas loves to play with our tablet and is forever stealing the older kids headphones. So I when I saw the Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones I thought they would be perfect for him. We let him pick which one's he liked best and he chose red. That totally suits his personality.

Nikolas is rough on things, he is all boy. So I was a bit concerned about these holding up to him. I was very pleased when they arrived. They are a bright red. They only have a cord on one side, and its thick. The headphones themselves are super quality and have lasted with a month of being pounded on and tossed around. The best part is that when they older kids or I am working we can give him the tablet, turn on a game or movie and plug these in. He is occupied for awhile and can't hear what we are doing and vice versa. I really love these for him. They are a perfect young child's headphone and now he thinks he is cool because he has phones like his older brothers and sister!

You can buy your own Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones on Amazon

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