Monday, June 27, 2016

Healthy Summer Snack with Lebice Popsicle Molds

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We have all had those summer days...You know the ones. Mom I'm hot, mom I'm hungry, mom there is nothing good to eat. I am not a fan of processed anything and I don't buy it. But, I also don't feel well most days and am not about to make my kid's fruit pizza without passing out and not functioning the rest of the day. There has to be a better snack. My kids (and I) love ice cream and popsicles but so much of it is so bad for you. What can you do? I remember when I was a kid filling up some ice cube trays with Koolaid and toothpicks. Those lasted about two seconds and tasted disgusting.

My solution fruit and juice popsicles. If you're really feeling creative you can do fruit and yogurt bars. These popsicle molds from Lebice were perfect for curing my kid's cravings. They love fruit but after a month of summer are tired of just a plain ol' apple for a snack. We added some yogurt and caramel here and there but that's always a huge mess with two toddlers and not so easy to clean up. So after I received these, I tried some fun recipes for a refreshing summer treat for me, and for the kids. Make sure when you start that your molds are firmly attached to the tray. Let your kids help to also turn this into a fun project. They can snack while they wait.

Apple Juice Bars-

Apple Juice (Organic or hand pressed if possible. If not water it down.)

Chopped up apples or apple slivers.

Place apples in the bottom of your popsicle mold. Add the juice almost all the way to the top, leave just a smidge of room for the handle.


Yogurt & Fruit Bars-

Vanilla Yogurt

Fruit slivers (we like strawberry and kiwi)

Pour a small amount of yogurt, then fruit, then repeat. Again fill almost to the top.


Bananarama Fruit Smoothie Bars-

Add juice to your blender (We like cranberry)

Add bananas and pitted cherries to your blender. Blend until liquid.

Again fill almost to the top of your mold.


Once frozen you have an awesome tasting, cold, healthy treat. Your little kids will be fascinated, and you will have provided a great homeschooling experiment. Your older children will appreciate having a cold snack on a hot day. The popsicle molds have a tray on the bottom to keep your smaller kids from losing all their popsicles, but the beauty of this snack is, not much sugar or sticky liquid so even if they do spill your not having to give them a bath and run around washing them before they put sticky hands all over your house.

The set is inexpensive and comes with a silicone funnel which was really helpful. It also comes with a cleaning brush, although it could use a slightly longer handle. This is one of the best sets I have received and is much nicer than those silicone sets, or using your ice cube tray. They also clean really easy. Do you want a set of your own? You can buy your own Lebice Popsicle Mold set on Amazon HERE.

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