Sunday, December 14, 2014

~Review & Giveaway~ Broc and Cara's Picnic Party Children's Book

How hard is it to get your kid's to eat healthy foods? I am fortunate that the majority of my 6 kids are good eater's. But...there is always that one. The one who cringes every time you say we are having Green Bean's. That look of torment comes over them. Then you spend what should be a pleasant dinner hour begging them to please eat their veggies and you both end the evening crying. Do you ever wonder why there isn't more products geared towards kids to eat something besides candy and junk food?

Let me introduce you to Broc and Cara, your guide to helping your child learn to love eating veggies. This book Broc and Cara's Picnic Party by Dave A. Wilson was wonderful! I knew the minute I received it that my 2 year old Nikolas was going to love it! It's super colorful, it has fun language that kids of all ages enjoy, including me. It's not too long and it's not to short. Short enough to hold a small child's attention but long enough for a cute story.

Nikolas couldn't take his eyes off the colorful illustrations. He was pointing and talking, every time he saw the Broc character he would says Tree. That's what he calls his Broccoli. Buzzy the Bee takes you along in the story where you meet Broc and Cara and learn all about eating healthy. He just couldn't get enough. Food, tree, food, tree was the vocabulary of the day! Nikolas is NOT a sitter, he jumps around when we read and goes to get another book, or a train, or some water. You get the picture...he sat through this entire book. No jumping, bouncing or running about...not even once. He was totally focused on this book!

One of my favorite parts of the book was at the end. A page for your child to draw their favorite veggie and sport! Interactive reading, what could be better than that?

On top of being totally entertaining it promotes such a great message to our children. Healthy eating can be fun! To learn more about Broc and Cara visit them HERE and look at all the cute downloads they offer. You can get a poster and coloring pages, or make a puppet! You can also visit Broc and Cara on Facebook Here you will find fun ways to make your kids want to eat their veggies, an information about other places to find healthy fun for your kids. Don't want to wait for the giveaway to end? You can get your own Print or eBook copy of Broc and Cara's Picnic Party HERE!

On to the Giveaway... Dave has graciously given us TWO copies of Broc and Cara's Picnic Party to give away to our blog friends. Yippee! You can have your very own copy and get your child started on the path to healthy eating and a love of reading! Two of my favorite things!

Broc and Cara's Picnic Party Children's Book

Primitive Gypsy is responsible for sending the prizes for this giveaway. I received this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own (and Nikolas')!


  1. This book is great. I have that picky child who hates veggies so this would be good.

  2. I love this book and would like another copy for my niece.