Saturday, December 13, 2014

~FREE~ Samples for Review- Beauty, Electronics, Supplements, and More

The site Natural Beauty Argan Oil is an Awesome place to get free things to try. You MUST review them on Amazon as soon as they arrive. They are 100% free, no gimmicks. I use this site weekly to get items for review. They are FULL Size, not Sample size.

PLEASE say I sent you as Rebecca Johnson, they are having a contest right now for members. Here is the link to say I sent you and sign up CLICK HERE Also Like the page HERE and get notifications.

You must start with 2 supplements but after that there is things like Iphone cases, Tablet Cases, USB chargers, beauty products etc.. All sorts of great things. The only thing they require is an amazon review. All orders are through Amazon. You must order as soon as you get the email that you were accepted for something. You don't have to have a huge blog following or Social Media following, just post your Amazon review.

They also have a site for Canada and the UK!

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