Friday, December 12, 2014

~Review~ Madison Reed Hair Color

~I received this product free for my honest review. All opinions are my own.~

I guess I am not really a "girly" girl. I don't have long, polished painted nails. I don't normally dye, tint, highlight or style my hair even. I have 6 kids and 2 babies under two...I don't have time for that girly stuff. Did I mention I work at home, and am always covered in paint? So when I was offered a hair dye sample from Madison Reed to try and review my first thought was Me, your kidding right? My daughter of course was like yes mom do it!

I'd never heard of Madison Reed. The site is fun, you get to fill out a find your perfect color survey and the they tell you what colors would suit you best. Your free to choose any color they have though. I chose one they suggested. I'm glad I did.

Wow am I impressed. I got my box very quickly, in fact it came so fast I thought it was something else. Fed Ex had really mashed it up, so I am sorry I don't have a photo of how pretty the box was. I wondered why the box was so big. This was no little box of hair dye, it was as big as a laptop.

Here is what was in the box, it was like opening a gift. On either side are very detailed photo instructions with good sized print. No eyeglasses needed! (That's the part that got all mashed up) Can you believe what's all included? You get 2 pair of gloves. They were sturdy gloves, no ripping! One for coloring and one for rinsing. No messing with already used gloves. A package of Barrier Cream. Honestly you didn't really need this, the dye washed right off the skin. But I like having it just in case. Since I am no expert I had hair dye everywhere. A cleansing cloth for oops. I had a lot of oops spots, even on my elbow. No I don't know how, ha ha! A cap to hold your hair in place and keep the heat it. Also nice, no mess on your clothes and towels.

Your hair color cream, which is free of harsh chemicals. This was why I finally agreed to try it. Full of the good stuff like Argan Oil, Keratin, and Ginseng Root. The conditioning activator with a good sized bottle and easy screw off cap. Mixing was a breeze, seriously. My 16 year old did it...piece of cake she says. Here is my FAVORITE part, nourishing, color enhancing Shampoo + Conditioner. Yes you heard me right, they provide you with shampoo and conditioner. Really good quality stuff too (and I can say that because I worked in a salon). These smelled wonderful. My daughter asked if we could buy more. I can't begin to tell you how soft and smooth the hair felt after using this. Today the hair is shiny, and so soft...feels like silk. Lastly there is a QR code which can give you discounts and FREE product!

So I bet you want to see what it looks like? Here is our before photo's..

And here is what it looks like now. I LOVE it! What do you think?

Madison Reed also offers a subscription service. Yes you get a discount! You can get it anytime from every 4 weeks to every 10 weeks! A present to you once every month or two! Enjoy!

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