Tuesday, December 9, 2014

~Giveaway & Review~ Abundant Harvest for Kids Board Game by Harvest Time Partners, Inc.

First off let me start by saying this has to be one of the nicest companies I have ever dealt with. Harvest Time Partners, Inc is a combat-veteran owned business. All products are made in the U.S.A! Just for me that's the perfect start. I have family serving oversea's right now, so I am very supportive of veteran run business. I also support small and American based companies! These games and books are a great resource for parents to remind children (and themselves) the Principles that are so often lost in the fast instant gratification world we live in.

We were sent the Abundant Harvest for Kids board game for review, along with four other card games. Face to Face Kids Edition, Teen Edition, Bible Edition, and Dinner Party Edition. We were also sent four different versions of The Principles of our World books, Honesty, Compassion, Sacrifice, and Teamwork. I'll review those down below..

The Abundant Harvest for Kids game was super fun. It was very easy to set up. It comes with the game board, Rule sheet, Harvest Time Reward Cards, Scenario Cards, Stands you affix Principle stickers on, Principle cards and one die.

The day it came the kids were ready to play. We decided to have a game night since we had such a selection to choose from! My kids playing range from 9-16 and this game was age appropriate for all of them. You move around the board answering Scenario cards and earning Harvest Time Rewards. You can earn an Abundant Harvest, Modest Harvest or Poor Harvest depending on where you land. The Scenario cards come in School, Parent or Child. Each card has a scenario to answer. Then you all have a bit of time to debate the answer. The player chooses a principle like Respect, Trust, Compassion, Loyalty, etc off the Principles card that explains the answer they give. My son Michael gives an answer here in this video. You can also view it on YouTube if it does't work for you.

With four of us playing this game lasted around 30 mins. I could see this game going as long as you could sit. It really gets you thinking and talking with each other. Most cards we spent a few minutes on discussing what each of us would do. The rules give you a 30 second guideline but no way could we keep it that short. We all are talkers in our house! Honestly that's the beauty of this game...it gets the parents and the kids talking about real world situations and your reaction to them. Many times my kids would say well if I were being honest I would think about doing this instead of doing what I know would be right which is this. So not only do they talk about the "Right" thing to do, they also talk about the "Wrong" things to do and why they are wrong. It really got my kids thinking about situations that happen everyday at school. It even got me thinking about days I may not feel well, or someone else is having a bad day and how I react. What a conversation starter this game was. I was pleased to learn they also make a Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults. This would be a great addition for my older children to play!

I also received four other card games. Face to Face Kids Edition, Teen Edition, Bible Edition, and Dinner Party Edition. These are basically just "simple" versions of the board game. We sat after dinner and played the Bible Edition. Scripture memory is not something I am good at so this made us do some looking up. This got us all really talking about different stories in the bible that sometimes get forgotten. We get so busy sometimes we forget the important things, and living 30 minutes from our church makes a real need for more study and interaction at home, especially in the winter. We really loved these small games. They would be a great thing to keep in the car for long trips where there isn't much to see along the way!

I also got four different versions of The Principles of our World books, Honesty, Compassion, Sacrifice, and Teamwork. They start off with a note for parents and teachers, followed by a note for the kids. The books then start with an introduction to the Principle that is involved in the book. That principle leads you through the book and different situations and helps you learn how to handle and respond to them. Then at the end, the book gives you some situations to think about and asks what you would do. These are well written and very easy to follow. My 9 year old is dyslexic and we read them with him and he was able to follow along and understand. My 11 year old told me the books taught him about situations that he never thought about and how he would respond. He has them on his nightstand now to read at bedtime. What a peaceful way to go to sleep? Dreaming of the right principles to guide your way through life!

I know you would love this game as much as my family did...so please enter the giveaway below for your chance to win the Abundant Harvest for Kids Game from Harvest Partners, Inc

I received this game free for my honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone else.


  1. I love that kids still play board games that do not need batteries. Jesus time is great too!

  2. I also love the Face To Face Card Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults!
    ThankYou for the chance

    Fiona N

  3. I would love to play the Face to Face Card Game with my family.

  4. I think this is a great site and fabulous books and games. It's the simple way to teach a child how to handle themselves and feel good about it.