Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree (Farm) Oh Christmas Tree (Farm)....How Lovely!

Ok I am hooked, being raised in the city we never went to a Christmas tree farm. We went to the closest grocery store lot and picked one out. What fun we thought it was running on the black concrete path searching for the perfect tree, branches that spun out like a dress, and would look heavenly decorated with ornaments and tinsel.

Now 20 something years later I realize while fun, lot tree shopping has no real personality. We are starting a new tradition here in Missouri...we are going to our local Christmas tree farm, picking our own tree and having it cut down. The kids and Don will be dragging it to the truck, and off it well go to it's temporary home at the farm.

So early this afternoon we set out to the Tree Farm, it's about 20 minutes away down a dirt road. The boys were practically hopping off the seat when we saw the sign

The boys were excited to cut the tree (well anything really) down... Everyone jumped out of the truck and started running up and down the rows of trees. It was beautiful and the fragrance was so wonderful. I could of stood and just smelled the air for hours. If only you could take that home with you.

Thomas and Mickey as always are interested in the process...they jumped in the back of the owner's truck to learn about being a tree farmer. They learned how to cut and carry, how they know who's tree belongs to who, how to get the dead needle's off, what may fall out of the tree, and how to tie it up for travel!

They worked their little tushes off dragging tree's, going up and down the hill to the stations for cleaning and trimming! What a wonderful experience. Thomas even had a bird's nest fall out of one of the tree's as they were shaking off the pine needles. Nikolas was fascinated with it...all I heard for the next hour was egg, nest, tree. Kids are so sweet! It's the little things, isn't it?

Now after we picked out our tree,(after marching around for an hour up and down the rows) they cut it down and trimmed it. Don picked it up and put it in the truck. He literally carried a 7 1/2 foot tree down the hill to the truck. Then we drove it back up to get a shake down and tied up.

I love the whole process...Have you ever seen what happens to your tree before it make's it to the tree lot? Well watch this video to see..I warn you, it's funny!

Watch on Youtube!

Wasn't that great? I love the shaking off of the needles. I wonder if we could use one of those, ha ha! Remember those old weight losing machines? The tree was all ready to go and loaded up, and ready to go to it's new home on the farm! Please don't look at my photo, ha ha!

Home at last

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