Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~Review~ The Bean Box

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

The Bean Box is a monthly subscription box filled with coffee to try from Seattle coffee roasters. You can see which companies the use on the Coffee page. Each month you receive four bags of hand-picked gourmet coffee roasts. They are shipped fresh to you and when I say fresh I mean fresh. Mine were roasted less than a week before I got them. I recommend trying all of these without any cream or sugar first. I also recommend a coffee grinder and a French Press for the best taste. Grinding your coffee beans directly before brewing is always best for flavor.

The first coffee we tried was the Herkimer Coffee, Drip Blend. After I ground the coffee, the smell was like being in a cherry orchard. I brewed it in my French Press and started getting hints of chocolate. Once it was done the crema was a rich caramel color. I got hints of chocolate, caramel and cherry flavors in the first taste. On the tip of my tongue was the taste of caramelized sugar. It had a smooth aftertaste and not much acidity. The after flavor reminded me of chocolate covered cherries. It left my palette refreshed, and was a thoroughly enjoyable cup of coffee. This one was my favorite!

Next up was Lighthouse Roasters Fine Coffees, Roaster's Choice. This is their signature coffee. Upon opening this on was smelled very aromatic, with a slight floral scent. The combination of three coffee's left a bright flavor after it was brewed. This is a blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Latin Arabicas. This had a bright floral aftertaste on my palette. It had a strong finish from the Arabica beans.

Next we decided to give the Ethipian Yirgacheffe from Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Roaster a try. This is one of my husband's personal favorite's. When we opened the bag, the bittersweet aroma brings instant satisfaction with it's complexion of the scent of it's flavors. Once brewed, we enjoyed a bold coffee experience with a sweet berry/citrus aftertaste. The smoothness and richness of this coffee allow me to feel as if I am sitting in a European cafe. He is always completely satisfied with the Yirgacheffe and this was his favorite in the box this month.

On our last day we tried the Nilson Lopez Columbia by kuma coffee. The smell of this one was heavenly. The wonderful of aroma awoke our whole household. Everyone was excited to try this one. The flavor is a bright simple sweetness. Each sip brings a different flavor with a different note of chocolate and pomegranate. A delight of flavor that is not too strong and not bitter. This would have to be my personal second favorite.

Would you like to have The Bean Box delivered to your door once a month? You can sign up or send one as a gift on The Bean Box website. You can also opt to get a Full Bag delivered once a month or every two weeks.

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