Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY Floral Arrangement Kits by Bloominous

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I love DIY projects as you all know. Don and I plan on officially having our wedding next year in March so I have been looking for great DIY floral arrangement idea's. But as you all know I have Lupus and don't have much energy to spare. The thought of a wedding has me wanting to run for the hills.

This made me turn to Bloominous. The mission at Bloominous is to finally make DIY flowers for your wedding or other event's, easy. I am all about easy but still having beautiful things. They help you to achieve that.

How it Works!

Real People who DIY- The designers at Bloominous are more than just wedding florists. They are also individuals just like you, who have a passion for DIY and experience as floral designers.

Everything you Need- Normally you would have to shop at several different flower markets, visit local crafts store and more to make your flower arrangements come together. That's a lot of work. Bloominous has partnered with the best floral farms in the world to provide you with all the beautiful blooms you need to make the arrangements you see on the site. They even include the vases, ribbons, pins, wires, etc so you don't have to worry you'll need anything.

Fast & Easy DIY: They prepare your kit so you're ready to go right out of the box. Your flowers are cut-to-order at the farm, de-thorned and trimmed, and hydrated with nutrients for the journey to your home. Included are step-by-step photo instructions so you know exactly what to do. There's no faster way to successfully DIY your own wedding or event.

Bloominous offers a number of different collections or you can build your own by sharing your design ideas, color, even your pinterest boards. They even offer a trial kit so you can see and plan with your flowers pre-wedding or event. I think my favorite collection is the "Vintage Cottage" Collection.

Are you getting ready to plan a wedding, Birthday, Shower or other event? Check out Bloominous today and take advantage of the ease that can be DIY!

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  1. That's great that everything is included. It makes it so much easier. I'm sure they'll turn out beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. With a kit like this even I can make a nice floral arrangement. Although I am glad that professionals put it all together in a kit.

  3. My daughter is getting married next week. Too late to order.

  4. My youngest is *THISCLOSE* to an engagement. I'm sending this to her!