Saturday, March 14, 2015

~DIY~New Custom Fabrics By Zazzle

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I was so excited to find out that Zazzle is now offering custom fabrics. They have a HUGE selection, all different styles. I am always looking for something fun and new for Do it Yourself projects. They offer cotton, linen and polyester. You can find quilting, upholstery, and drapery fabric, and if that doesn't satisfy your creative side you can custom design your own fabrics.

I chose Abraham Lincoln Portrait Fabric and a beautiful Old Music Note fabric which comes in Bach or Chopin. You all know how well these fit my DIY projects. I couldn't wait to try them out. This is super nice quality fabric. Your not going to get anything even close anywhere else.

Would you like to make one yourself? You can order any fabric on Zazzle...and then follow these simple steps.

1- Choose any Zazzle Fabric(s).

2- Rip fabric in a width slightly smaller than what your want to cover.

3- Stitch up the back, this doesn't need to be perfect or even, and actually the less it is the better it looks.

4- I almost always add a second layer of plain fabric. The Mocha Brown and White Classic Ticking Stripes Fabric is great and matches a Primitive style perfectly. Or they have plenty of simple browns.

5- Stitch on your patch (like my Abraham Lincoln Portrait Fabric) or plain. A nice straight stitch will do

6- Coffee Dye Time. I use apprx half a jar of instant coffee, pot of water, a few drops of brown paint and one drop of black paint. Stir, test on a plain piece of fabric. Add more water, coffee or paint till it's a desired color.

7- Dip your item and then put up to dry. If you want it dark you can let it soak. If you want it light dip and remove and then push excess stain off.

That's it. If you mess up quickly rinse your project and start the dye process over.

There are over 3000 styles to choose from. Right now if you use the code STPADDYSDEAL you will get 17% off any order. Be quick this deal ends on St. Patrick's Day!

Shop Custom Fabric on Zazzle

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