Thursday, May 7, 2015

~Review~ Vitamin B-12 Super Energy Patch

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

Um yes please, do bring on the energy. As most of you know I suffer from Fibromyalgia and mild Lupus. So I have no energy, zip, zero, nada, nothing, zilch. You get the picture. I spend my days forcing myself to get up. I painfully try and to do chores and end up spilling or breaking something and making it worse. Basically I achieve nothing on a day to day basis. My kids and husband end up taking the load. So when I was chosen to review the Vitamin B-12 Super Energy Patch, it was a, I will try anything moment.

The Vitamin B-12 Super Energy Patch is super easy to use. It arrives in a flat envelope with two metallic cases. In each is a sheet of 8 small circular skin toned patches. Be careful when pulling them off so you get both the patch and the sticker part. Then simply place in any skin area that does not have hair. I put mine behind my ear because I have long hair. Now you leave this patch on for around 24 hours but no more than that. I never even knew it was there. I honestly forgot until my husband reminded me to remove it. It removes easy, and was not painful. There was no residue left behind at all.

I can say very quickly after placement I had a bit more energy. I normally do not move off of my bed for the majority of the day. Yes I am working but it's mainly because I am just to tired and uncomfortable to do anything else. I was up and cleaning, helping the kids move things around, and was able to check that they did chores. Normally my husband has to do that. I cleaned my room, the tub, the kitchen. I even moved a closet. Ok, I am lucky to do one thing like that once a week. That was just the first day. The second day I also had a ton of energy. I wasn't putting things off like I normally do. I opened all the curtains in my room and got up with the little kids. Normally I lay here in the dark. So needless to say I am in LOVE with these Vitamin B-12 Super Energy Patches. I will most certainly be buying more. A package lasts 4 months so it's an awesome deal. This is a MUST HAVE for people who suffer from fatigue. I am shocked, because honestly like everything else I have tried, I did not think this would work. But it does work.

You can get your own 4 month supply of Vitamin B-12 Super Energy Patches on Amazon.

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