Saturday, April 30, 2011

Announcing Prairie Threads!!!!!!!

Announcing Prairie Threads... Our new clothing line. We decided that there is no cute clothing for Primitive people available, or affordable and so Prairie Threads was born.... We had our first showing at Simple Goods and it was a big hit... Look soon for the website!

Started with a small booth, but after seeing how it went over, it will be added too greatly!

All clothing is designed by us, and either new or re-made. We also have sandals, purses, Jewelry, and Hair accessories, and all Prim!
What do you think of our new plaid bloomers?

And forgot this with the others.. Becky (me) and Lizzie...and I sware I was laughing :-)

Some Photos from Simple Goods Spring Show

Man did we have some fun at Simple Goods this time, met a whole bunch of new friends, and got to see some old one's too. The show was awesome as always...and you just couldn't stop walking around to look again!!

Window to the Cabin

 Lizzie's newest make-do chair.

The Library....

 The Pantry...LOVE this screen cabinet!

And the Dry Sink....

Some of our new Bears, handmade just for Lizzie's.

Welcome to the Tavern...

Tavern is also for sale!!

Let's get into the sewing and go powder our nose's...