Friday, July 24, 2015

~Review~ The OrGREENizer Set by The Green Garmento

~I received this for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.

How many of you dryclean? Don't you hate getting those plastic bags every time. What a waste...stuff like that just drives me nuts. I am the girl at the grocery store who doesn't bag her veggies (and gets stared at) and I most certainly do not want to bag my clothing either. So I was very excited to see a new reuseable llaundry dry cleaning system by The Green Garmento.

The one I got is called The OrGREENizer Set. It is like a garment bag and laundry hamper all in one. It comes with a big green bag that can be used as your own reuseable dry cleaning bag. But it also comes with a stand to use it as a laundry hamper. Since I do not have a ton of dry cleaning I mainly use it for a laundry hamper.They sent me greem but they also have other colors. So far this has held up amazing. We have 8 kids who just stuff laundry in, and I thought for sure this would rip but nope it has help of wonderfully. It is very well made and was a snap to put it together.

It's such a useful versitle tool. It's very easy to use as a garment bag and then put back into the stand for a laundry hamper. I just love the ease of use and not needing three different products that this one can do. It would be perfect for a young person just starting out in the real world! You can get your own at the Green Garmento website along with some other reusable items. In my world this product is great!