Saturday, March 28, 2015

~Review~ Jesus Sees Us Doll & Book

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.

I have young boys and so there are not many dolls that for him to play with that aren't pink. I don't mind at all, but when I saw the Jesus Sees Us Doll and thought here was a doll my sons could play with and everyone would be happy with. Upon opening the Jesus Sees Us Doll & Book my two year old Nikolas grabbed him right up and started kissing him. He then grabbed the Jesus Sees Us Book and sat kissing his Jesus doll and reading for hours. I would say it was a hit!

At two years old he doesn't really understand Jesus yet. He see's us pray at dinner and hear's my husband and the older kids pray the rosary and he sits in church with us. But as he is just two so far he hasn't made a connection. So this is a great teaching tool for him. He loves books and this book has wonderful pictures in it. It teaches lessons and ask questions and then tells you the verse.

The doll itself is soft bodied with a hard head. My older kids knew right away it was mean't to be Jesus. My son Nikolas has been carrying it everywhere and sleeping with it. I know he will love this doll a long time.

Right now they are offering the doll and book for only $24.99. You can buy through the website HERE or directly on Amazon.

~Review~700 Thread Cotton Sheet Set by Francois et Mimi

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

These sheets by Francois et Mimi are just wonderful. They are made of 100% cotton and are a 700 thread count. They are exceptionally soft and silky. They have a shiny finish, but not like silk where you or the sheets are constantly off the bed. They are wrinkle resistant and after a tumble in the dryer come out smooth. So if your old fashioned and like ironed sheets there is no need.

The sheets I bought were the Navy, and as you can see are a true Navy. They matched the other Navy colored items in my room perfectly. They offer numerous color choices. You can see the silky finish to the sheets. They are not a flat matte.

They come packaged like all sheets do in a nice plastic zippered case. They wash well and seem to also be holding up well. We live in the country and get a lot of dust so I wash things more often. I have seen no problem with the quality of these sheets even after a number of washes. I do wash them in cold water.

You can buy your own set of 700 Thread Cotton Sheet Set by Francois et Mimi on Amazon.

Friday, March 27, 2015

~Review~ Julienne Vegetable Peeler

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

My husband is a chef and so he always is looking for new kitchen toys. When I asked if he would like to review the Julienne Vegetable Peeler by Keri's Kitchen he jumped at the chance. So all opinions are his.

This Julienne Vegetable Peeler is Stainless Steel, so it should last forever. In fact it comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and is dishwasher safe. We love how it's a dual tool. You can use it to peel...for potatoes, carrots, fruit, etc. It's got a nice wide blade and peels with ease. No dragging or pulling.

As it has a dual feature you can also use it to Julienne. We use this part, the most. It's perfect for salads, veggies in pasta, making faces and fun food for your younger picky eaters. It's a good way to add some veggies to a child's diet that wouldn't eat them whole. To them this is just a colored addition and that's just fun.

The blades are very sharp and peel and Julienne with ease. It's easy on your hands, and so doesn't hurt my painful joints. It's fun of course...and it's a very nice quality product. It fits easy in a drawer and is just an all around great kitchen product. You can get your own Julienne Vegetable Peeler by Keri's Kitchen on Amazon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jewelry In Candles Reveal

~I was not compensated for this, but I will make a small commission if you make a purchase from my link~

So I saw an opportunity to join Jewelry in Candles when they had their One Dollar signups. I thought what they heck, I LOVE candles and everyone LOVES Jewelry. I honestly am not that big of a jewelry person but since I love candles I thought... I can give them to my daughter and keep the candle. Ha ha yeah right! We are fighting over them now.

A friend offered to host an online facebook party for me and I thought that sounded fun. So to help her out I placed an order and I knew I really should be trying the product I am selling, right? I ordered Vanilla Latte Tarts, a Hazelnut Coffee Candle and a Fool Me or Fool Me Not bonus candle. Let me explain about this Bonus candle. They have these off and on throughout the year this just happened to be the most recent one.

Fool Me (17% of candles) Enjoy the surprising scents of Lemon Drop and Mango Tangerine while discovering your jewelry of choice. (no bonus rewards included)

Fool Me Not (83% of candles) In addition to your jewelry of choice, discover an additional piece of jewelry, free products or other bonus prizes.
Win a bonus piece of jewelry matching your selection/size
Win a high value coupon worth 40-50% off your next order
Win Free Candles and Tarts
Discover Hundreds Of Bonus Prizes! Like 42" & 32" LED TVs, BlueRay DVD players, Home Theater Systems, Gift Cards, TicketMaster Gift Cards, Netflix Gift Cards, Redbox Gift Cards, JIC Party Candles & Party Tarts, $50 & $100 JIC Gift Cards, Jewelry valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars

You could also win A Walt Disney World 5 Day Vacation for 2 including airfare, accommodations, meal plan and park tickets!

Here is my Fool Me or Fool Me Not Reveal..I love the one ring and the other is funny, perfect for this particular candle....The one ring matches the earrings I have to reveal next. This one is also double scented and you never know which scent you will get on top. Mine is Mango Tangerine on top and it smells wonderful. I can't wait to smell the Lemon Drop though.

My next reveal was for the Vanilla Latte Tarts. Now I was expecting normal tarts...but these are HUGE! I am serious, they are much bigger than normal tarts. I would say about double the size.

Last I got my daughter Emily a Hazelnut Coffee Candle. We both really love this candle scent. It's a really nice subtle scent...makes the house smell good without that, I lit a candle to hide the smell, smell. Ha ha ha! Oh and these candles are about the same size as a Yankee Candle, they are not small.

So I am now addicted..I am in LOVE with Jewelry in Candles. It's a good quality product, 100% Soy Wax. You get to pick your jewelry. They offer necklaces, earrings and Men's and Women's rings in a number of sizes. So you won't have to worry you'll get something you can't use. All candles are hand made in the United States. All Candles and Tarts include jewelry.

Give them a try for yourself and choose your own Jewelry in Candles!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

~Review~ Francois et Mimi Vintage-Style 20-Ounce Soup Mugs

~I received these for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

These are so HUGE, much bigger than what I expected. They come with four beautiful stoneware Jumbo sized mugs for soup, pasta, cereal, etc. Sadly mine came damaged. I have had to message the company to try and get new one's. Once these arrive I will have up a more detailed review for you with photo's and maybe a recipe or two!

These are such a beautiful classic design. Pretty Ivory color on them. This set is Lead Free, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. I can't wait to use them. You can get your own Francois et Mimi Vintage-Style 20-Ounce Soup Mugs on Amazon.

~Review~ Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

We love to use a French Press at our home. It's actually all we use normally, unless we have company or the weekends when everyone is home. Eight kids who also love to drink coffee is no small feat! Nothing tastes better than a fresh ground coffee made in your French Press! Once you get one, you'll never go back to a automatic drip coffee maker. The Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press is a really good one. We have just loved using it. This one is slightly different than one's I have used in the past but just as nice. This is a much bigger French Press than you usually can buy. This is great since we have so many people at home. I would estimate it makes around 10 cups/

Your French Press is also good for Espresso and Tea, not just coffee. The glass is really nice, and will with stand a ton of heat and will not crack. The French Press is very easy to wash and clean.It leaves no after taste at all. You only taste your coffee. I would highly recommend this particular Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press to anyone wanting to try a French Press.

You find the Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press on Amazon!

~Review~ Fractionated Coconut Oil by Pure Body Naturals

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

Oil of any kind is such a wonderful thing. They are wonderful for aromatherapy, to put in home made cleaning products. Coconut Oil is really wonderful as a massage oil. You can just pump it our or put it in a roll on bottle. It can be used for hair and body. You can even use it to cook with!

This Fractionated Coconut Oil by Pure Body Naturals is totally colorless and has no odor. It also isn't greasy or heavy feeling. It just soaks right in to your skin. It will not stain your clothing or towels. Please remember to store in a cool area our of direct sunlight!

There are TONS of DIY Projects you can do with Coconut Oil! How about Coconut Oil Spritz? All you need is the Coconut Oil, water and a small Spray bottle Start by adding 2 or 3 tablespoonfuls of coconut oil to your spray bottle. Then fill your spray bottle with warm water and shake. Then just spritz onto your body or your hair!

You can buy your own Fractionated Coconut Oil by Pure Body Naturals on Amazon.

~Review~ Little Loved Ones Crib Mattress Protector ~2015 Parents Super Guide~

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

What a super soft, comfortable, plush Crib Mattress Protector by Little Loved Ones. I have never bought a Crib Mattress Protector before, so I wasn't to sure if I would like them or not. I was so pleased with this one when it arrived. You could tell even before opening it that it was going to be nice.

It comes in a zipper close pouch. It has the diamond shaped pattern of plush padding. The underside has a waterproof backing. This was a piece of cake to put on the mattress, it fit perfectly. No tugging or stretching required. It was not loose but just a natural fit as you can see.

Prior to placing this Crib Mattress Protector on my son Teddy's bed he was having trouble sleeping. His bed was hard and he would wake up often. Since I've put the Crib Mattress Protector on he has slept through the night every night. I've used it as just a sheet also. It's just so soft. I know for certain he loves it as much as I do.

My last thought is that I hear no sound when he moves around on this Crib Mattress Protector. With so many waterpoof bed sheets or mattress protectors you just that loud annoying crinkly sound all night long. You get none of that with this. There is no sound but your babies peaceful breathing.

You can buy your own Little Loved Ones Crib Mattress Protector on Amazon. Little Loved Ones is part of our 2015 Parent Super Guide which features wonderful item's for your family. Check out Little Loved Ones and the other companies featured on the 2015 Parent Super Guide.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

~Review~ The Rootlets Super Rootabilities ~2015 Parents Super Guide~

~I received this for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.

We are a pretty healthy family. We walk even when we could drive, we eat more veggies than candy. We try to teach our kids good, healthy eating habits. So I knew we would love cThe Rootlets: Super Rootabilities (Adventures of the Rootlets)

First let me say the quality of this book is exceptional. It has very thick heavy pages. This is a huge plus because they can not be ripped as easy as a normal paper page. The book is full of fun graphics and artwork. My 9 year old Thomas enjoyed the artwork especially.

He loves that super hero part and the funny character names. All the characters have funny veggie themed names. They also have a ton of personality that keeps up through the entire book. The story is much more in depth than I would of thought. Thomas has been totally enthralled in the book since he started reading it. It most certainly keeps you engaged. What's even better is because of the wonderful artwork I can sit and read this to my two year old Nikolas and he is just as interested. It's a great read for any age and a good lesson for friendship and a healthy life.

A synopsis of The Rootlets: Super Rootabilities (Adventures of the Rootlets)- The Rootlets are four fun-loving and adventurous kids, with veggie hair and healthy habits - whose lives, up until now, were undoubtedly ordinary. In their very first adventure, Brocc, Carrotina, Cornelius and Kaley overhear shocking news that's most definitely NOT ordinary, and that's sure to change life as they know it...forever! Could it be that the Rootlets are in fact superheroes with real super powers called Rootabilities? Using clues from an old legend book, The Rootlets get to work, determined to solve the biggest mystery of their lives. Be transported to the visually magnificent and magical plant-based world of Planet Planted - where The Rootlets begin their journey to save their world from potential evil that they never knew existed.

You can find The Rootlets: Super Rootabilities (Adventures of the Rootlets) on You can also join The Rootlets Fan Club.

You can also visit The Rootlets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Rootlets is part of our 2015 Parent Super Guide which features wonderful item's for your family. Check out The Rootlets and the other companies featured on the 2015 Parent Super Guide.

Operation Smile & Campus Book Rentals

~I have received compensation for this post, regardless I will not promote anything I do not believe in.~

Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, and delivers postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle income countries.

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft. A child with a cleft has twice the odds of dying before their first birthday. Children with cleft conditions who survive may have difficulty eating, speaking, hearing or breathing properly. In some places, they are shunned and rejected. And in too many cases, their parents can't afford the surgeries they need to live a productive life. Every child deserves access to safe, quality surgical care. Every child deserves a future filled with hope.

Are you in college and want to help? You have the perfect opportunity. Every time you Rent a Text Book from Campus Book Rentals a portion is donated to Operation Smile. Not to mention all the ways you save buy renting vs buying Text Books from Campus Book Rentals.

Shipping is FREE, in both directions! You save anywhere from 40-90% off your textbook. They time frame for your rental is flexible. You can highlight in your Text Books. They offer every title in new or gently used condition online. No trips to the bookstore are needed. They also have a 21 day guarantee. How can you go wrong?

Are you read to help? Visit Campus Book Rentals or Operation Smile today!

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Mumberry Mumband

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Monday, March 23, 2015

~Giveaway~ Big Bag Bed

***6 Winners***
Big Bag Bed Size of Winner's Choice

Hosted by:
A Lucky Ladybug

~Review~ Bobee Polka Dot Wall Decals

~I received these for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I just love wall decals. They are such a fun way to get art on your walls that isn't expensive. They are also easily removable and you can re-use them. I got three sets of the Polka Dot decals from Bobee in different colors. There is no process to these, you just peel and then firmly press to the wall, bed, door, diaper case, etc. Voila, Instant art in your babies room. Seriously it was that easy. Make sure your wall is clean prior to use so they stick correctly.

Bobee offers a few different options. You can get a whale, elephants, owls, giraffe's, Polka dots, Custom names, and sayings. I love the polka dots and as you can see I also bought the elephants. These are only $7.99 for a set! One set goes a long way, but it was so fun to work with multiple colors. You can do pretty much anything you want with them. I had a friend who made a bubble wall. I even layered ours on my son's bed because he thought it looked like trains. You can do a lot with them and they have a large selection of colors.

Bobee is sold on Amazon so you can also take advantage of free Amazon Prime shipping!

~Review~ Pair of Oven Mitts by Rite Mitts

~I received these for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

These are very nice high quality Oven Mitts. They are nice and long to cover your wrists and all your hand and some of your lower arms. They are 100% flame retardant cotton, heat resistant and have a interior silver coating. They are soft and comfy and allow you to move and easily grip a pan.

They can be used for your oven or outside at a BBQ because they are flame resistant. They are thick and cushioned. They are so comfortable. These Oven Mitts are a simple construction and no fuss design. They didn't waste money on making them look overly pretty. They just work good and are good quality. They will also fit any size hand big or small.

You can easily get your baking from the oven to the table with these because you can't feel the heat through them. Normally when you pull a pan out of the oven you have to rush to the table or risk a burning. You don't get that with this nice thick pair of Oven Mitts. They keep your arms and hands cool and the ability to carry your dish as far and long as you have too.

These would be a great house warming gift, or in a basket with other fun and useful kitchen items. You can get your own set of Oven Mitts by Rite Mitts on Amazon!