Friday, July 18, 2014

Log Cabin July!

My hubby had been all secretive, so I followed him out to the barn one day and look what he made for me! I love it so much!
What Prim girl doesn't want a rolling log cabin? He calls it my Gypsy Wagon Cabin!

I thought you all might want to see what we have been working on for Christmas ornaments this year for Simple Goods! Some are like last year and a then a bunch of new things too! They will be for sale from now until Christmas and I will do them as necklaces also!

First we have our new Wooden Bowls and Rolling Pins...Don and Mickey (who is 11) were working these out for me! Aren't they great?

Next we have Lizzie's little Wooden Spoons and Corn Husk Brooms! The Corn husk brooms are my all time favorite. She is so talented!

Followed by Lizzie's Wooden Cutting Boards and Chestnut Roasters. I loved that idea!

I hope you like everything. There is more...little bags, and witch brooms and much more...