Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring of 1803 Troy, Oh May 2011

Another fun show down, only 4 to go for the Spring/Summer show season.  We really enjoyed meeting some new friends from facebook this time. :-)

Here are some fun photo's! If you see anything you like shoot me an email at and I can get you pricing!

We got new walls finally! Ken spent the week prior to the show finishing them up!

 Precious Annie doll, new canvas bags we are carrying, and some Prim cards & Sewing notions.

Looks like Spring cleaning in the cabin.
 Or maybe it's canning time....
 And time for the man to get back to work...ha ha
Our Double Candle Screened Hanging lite's are $32.95
Wrapped Books are $10.95..want to add a pocket & candle, or Diary, Bible or a Date? $12.95 each

 Now were getting ready for summer, look at all those flags....
Triple Twig Banners $12.95, Flags on Twig $1.95 Bunny w/Firecrackers $58.95

 Leather Britches anyone? $6 for a bagged bunch. Looks like it's my turn to work in the summer kitchen.

 Bears, and Bears, and Bears Oh my! These are made just for Lizzie's! They range from $55-$68.95
 Now this was Ken's genius idea, a rolling counter that holds all the walls, cash box, wall desks, poles, and anything else flat.
 Have you been reading A Simple Woman's Diary in A Simple Life Magazine? Did you know that Lizzie is the author, and uses her experience from cabin living in Arizona for inspiration. She can actually say, I could live without running water and electricity, because she has! What a fun experience it was too, her very own homestead.
Summer 2011 issue's are in stock $8.95 each
We also have Spring issues of A Primitive Place for $8.50 each

 And here is our beautiful Lizzie.....

 Hanging Pantry Boxes are made to order, but we do have a couple in stock.
Tavern Sign is still available!

I hope you enjoy these photos and hope to see each of you at a show soon!
Love bunches,