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We are so pleased your thinking about working with us at Vixen Reviews. We offer full service Product Promotions for Quality Testing and/or reviews. Each of our product testers are screened for length and quality of review. We check regularly to make sure they follow FTC rules at all times. We have over 2200 members and most also have blogs.

Where you can find us- VIXEN REVIEWS

How it works-
You give us the link to your product, how much the cost is for testing, the discount codes, expiration of codes, and quantity you need tested. We then post your promotion in our group and hand out the information to the testers we have interested. We walk them through the order process. We do collect order numbers. Once they receive your item they have 6 days to test and post(10-13 for Supplements or Ebooks or anything that can not be judged in a couple days). Admins who get items to test will get a longer time as they have so much other work to do.

We require them to leave a good quality review, some will add photo or video, on blogs or social media. We can also ask for reviews on any other platform Except for Amazon. If the review is not up to our standards they will be asked to revise it for length and content only. If they feel they can not leave a good review they are asked to contact us so we can contact you. We ask that they give the seller the chance to fix the problem before they leave a review, but we also will not ask them to change it. They will be allowed to leave an honest review at all times. We will then collect all review permalinks.

Associated Fees- Most items we do not charge a fee to run, but there are some items that we consider over saturated or are difficult to get reviews on. Some items that we will charge on will include- supplements, serums, some beauty products, phone accessories, chargers, Health items, etc. Please contact an admin for more specifics. If your item falls in one of those categories we will ask you for a fee. We will also ask for a fee if you need us to run more than 50 of one item. Those fees are as follows.

50 or less codes. Each promotion is $35. You can also opt for 4 promotions for $125 or 6 promotions for $175

51-100 codes. Each promotion is $50. You can also opt for 4 promotions for $175 or 6 promotions for $250

101-200 codes. Each promotion is $75. You can also opt for 4 promotions for $250 or 6 promotions for $375

We do not post promotions on the weekends. If you request weekends there will be a $50 charge per each promotion of 50 codes or less. We also send out codes in the evenings, so if you need codes sent at multiple times or different hours there will also be a $25 fee per 50 codes.

If your item does not require a fee payment, then we ask that you give the admin from 4-8 items to test at no cost.

As previously stated we don't charge for most items so please contact us for exact information depending on your product. You can Message me Rebecca Johnson on Facebook or email me at

Disclaimer- There will be NO refunds if your product is priced too high, or out of season, and no one is willing to test it. We can not be held accountable for the market, pricing issues or unwanted items. We will, however do our best to get as many possible reviews for your product and let you know if the cost is too high or there is little interest. All payments will be made via paypal to

ARE YOU A REVIEWER/PRODUCT TESTER or want to become one?

We do take new members, we require that you have already posted some good quality reviews. They must be detailed and no less than one paragraph and 75 words (except on Twitter). Please apply at VIXEN REVIEWS

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