Thursday, February 5, 2015

Currently- What are you doing Currently?

Making: Dried Pineapples and Fabric wrapping old brushes that my awesome friend Nicki sent me

Cooking: Coffee, does coffee count? I am about to make some eggs because I am starving.

Drinking: Coffee with a spoonful of sugar and a Ton of International Delight Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream

Reading: Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson The Bloggess

Wanting: To hug my husband and tell him I am sorry. His grandpa passed away yesterday. This is Great Grandpa Frank and Nikolas

Looking: At a Primitive site on facebook. LogCabinPrimitivesBuyNSell

Wasting: Time, stressing over the pipes in our house. Oh yes did I mention they are FROZEN!!!

Wishing: That Don could of seen his grandpa one last time and that my grandma could remember who we are. Emily, Great Grandma Jeanie and Nikolas.

Enjoying: Listening to my kids argue. Ok not really. I am enjoying that I am in bed in my pjs being lazy.

Waiting: For that lottery win.

Liking: People with guts!

Wondering: Why some people can't just be nice.

Loving: My Red and Black polka dotted pjs.

Hoping: That my grandma knows someone loves her, even if she doesn't remember who.

Needing: Hot Water and a Bath!

Smelling: Coffee brewing...I know, I know more coffee. It's like a drug.

Wearing: Red Flannel pj's with polka dots and black skull and crossbones slippers.

Knowing: I really should be working right now but I deserve a break and maybe a Valium.

Feeling: Sad....I know it's depressing but it's just been one of those weeks.

Opening: The book I am reading so I can do some quiet me time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

~Review~ True Skin Care's Under Eye Serum

~I received this product for my review, all opinion are 100% my own~

I am in love with eye gel. It is one of my hands down favorite beauty products and one I can not live without. I use it every day. Needless to say if I get the opportunity to test one I jump on it!

I really loved the look of the True Skin Care Under Eye Gel when it came. It comes in a nice bottle that's just the right size. This bottle is small enough to take on the go but big enough to last a long time. Your not going to run out of this in a week. The gel is refreshing. It's got a good cooling and soothing texture. It's not sticky at all. I like it so much I gave one to my mom. There really is no going wrong with this brand.

True Skin Care's Eye Serum come with a full guarantee. But I pretty much guarantee that you won't need it. Each bottle is made in the USA and family-owned and operated. True Skin Care sells on Amazon.

~Review~ OZ Naturals Facial Toner

~I received this product for my review, all opinion are 100% my own~

I love sprays and tonics. They make you feel so refreshed. The Ocean Mineral Tonic from OZ Naturals is a great choice. Use it before makeup, serums and moisturizers. This works wonderfully if you use it as a refresher spray throughout the day.

Ocean Mineral Tonic from Oz Naturals is 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan. It does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates. It is PH balanced which makes it safe for all skin types. Not to mention that this tonic is made in the USA!

This made my skin feel so good. I use it daily as a refresher spray. It's just like using water only with a light scent. I use this as part of my daily skin routine and it honestly is just like spraying yourself with a cool mist of water.

To learn more visit them at the Oz Naturals website. You can try the Ocean Mineral Tonic for yourself by going to Amazon.

Cupid’s Arrow Has Hit: It’s Dinner & a Movie!

Cupid’s arrow has hit: it’s dinner & a movie!

This Valentine’s Day, escape the chill and cozy up for a night out with your loved ones! Enjoy a romantic dinner and a blockbuster hit with Specials by Dinner & a Movie deal. This offer includes two movie tickets and a $100 eGift card for only $30—an unbeatable 76% savings.

Check out hot movies titles like the “The Seventh Son,” “In the Heart of the Sea” or “Jupiter Ascending.” Treat your Valentine kiddos to “SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water.” Or grab the gals and gear up for some saucy scenes in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

From friends and family to husbands and wives, Specials by Dinner & a Movie is the perfect way to say “I e-love you!”

Spread the love and take advantage of this deal today.

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~Review~ Bulu Subscription Box

~I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. Links in this post are referral links but I do not get a paid commission from them only a discount~

I love subscription boxes. Food, toys, matter, I like them all! So I was happy to review the Bulu Box. You have two choices with the Bulu Box. You can get the Bulu Box or the Bulu Box Weight Loss. The Bulu Box is a sample box featuring health, nutrition and weight loss products.

This was my first Bulu Box. I signed up for a three month subscription to Bulu Box. The cost is $10 a month or $9.17 a month if you sign up for a year. My readers can get a second box FREE with the coupon code FANTASTIC. Just enter it at checkout!

The first things in my box are a sheet of magnetic poetry and a postcard for a Free Sample of FLYJOY with the purchase of a carton. Each FLYJOY retails for $2.39 and a carton is $19.99. A flat sheet of magnetic poetry is around $5.95 on most sites. I like the poetry magnets and I am sure my kids will have a good time with them. They can leave each other funny messages before school.

Next up I had two MIRACLE TREE teabag samples.I was excited to see these because I love tea. But I was quickly disappointed that both samples are Apple and Cinnamon. Cinnamon is not a flavor I like, but they do smell delicious. I know one of my kids will love them. They have some other great flavors like mango, lemon and mint. So I would like to try one of those. They come with a 10% discount if you order and a box of 25 bags is $9.99.

Next up is some Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Crackers in Cracked Pepper. These were pretty tasty and I really liked the flavor and how thin they are. I would eat these again. A case of 12 runs for $10.68. Shapeology UMPH! Pre-Workout Formula is the pink tube. Mine is Fruit Punch but you can also get Green Apple. Bulu Box has this on the site on sale for $34.99 and it retails for $49.99. I'm pretty sure I won't use this but it's got a fun name, and the flavors both sound good.

I was most looking forward to these NeoCell Beauty Bursts. I got two in fresh mint chocolate. They are supposed to be a Collagen Soft Chew. They taste really good, but they do leave a different after taste. I found them online for $12.99 for 30 chews.

I also got a FLYJOY bar in Blueberry Almond. My son loved this bar and ate it before I could even get in a nibble. One bar is $2.39. Lastly a sample of Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables Plus in Wild Cherry. For $29.99 you get 120 capsules. The sample comes with two.

I estimated the value of this box to be around $14.89 so it's slightly more than the cost of the box. Looking forward to seeing what is in February's box.

If you would like to try Bulu Box for yourself use the code FANTASTIC to get a free second box.

Also be sure to visit

Take the Human Score Test from Reebok

~Links in this post are affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you make a purchase from them.~

Head on over to Reebok and take the HUMAN SCORE test. Then share your results with me @GypsyBecky and #BeMoreHuman

I got Congratulations, human. You are a bona fide Guardian. Guardians aren’t messing around when they use the expression “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” But while plenty of people will go out of their way to help others, Guardians make a conscious decision not to neglect their own well-being in the process. Instead, they recognize that in order to help others reach their potential, they have to be pushing the boundaries for their own potential. Even if that means failing from time to time. Guardians are nurturers by nature, people-oriented social beings who thrive on group-oriented activities. Living a long and healthy life is one thing. But living a long and healthy life surrounded by the tribe they’ve made their own is what Guardians strive for. It’s what makes them feel more human.

I find that this is pretty true for me.

Be More Human


Living a healthy lifestyle is generally important to Guardians. Guardians may indulge in a few guilty pleasures from time to time or skip a workout when they’re not in the mood to exercise, but this doesn’t mean that they take their health for granted. Overall, Guardians appreciate their bodies and treat them well. They push hard to do their best and can serve as a great catalyst for pushing others around them to do their best, too. The Guardian’s social nature makes them great candidates to try group-oriented workouts like CrossFit or team-based competitions like Spartan Races. Better yet, getting involved in charity fitness events will keep Guardians physically fit while they‘re doing their part to help their fellow humans.

Be More Human

Reebok’s mission is to help every individual realize their full potential in the mental, physical and social aspects of their lives, by encouraging a fitness-focused life, and creating the products to perform in the toughest environments and activities.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

~Giveaway~ Valentine's Day Locket

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Monday, February 2, 2015

~Giveaway~ One Year of Netflix

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Netflix is only $7.99 – $11.99 depending on if you want HD, Ultra HD and how many screens you would like to play at one time. Still, this is an awesome deal and beats paying those high prices for television packages.
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~Review~ REESE'S Spreads

Ok, seriously unless your allergic to peanut butter or pretending to diet, who would refuse a box filled with the new REESE'S Spreads? Not me! When I found out I was getting a jar of my own to try I wondered how I could get it and hide it from the rest of the family? No I am totally kidding....well maybe...

So before the jar was totally empty I decided to take some photos so you could see how delicious it looks for yourselves. If you have not tried it yet...well let's just say RUN, not walk to the nearest store! If you like REESE'S candy products your are going to be in heaven.

Nikolas prefers his on bread because he is a bread-a-holic. I love to dip pretzels and chips in it. Tastes good on celery, apples, and banana's too if you want to limit some of the sugar!

You can see how much Nikolas enjoys it. He shares with mom sometimes thankfully. Truthfully this tastes just like REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups...exactly like it! SO if you enjoy them, you'll love this spread. Our next trial is REESE'S Spreads stuffed french toast. You know you want some!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Naturals ~Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~Valentine's Day Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~I received this product for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I just love The Naturals. They are based out of Pennsylvania and offer twig wreaths and much much more. They send you a basic form for you to add onto and decorate however you wish. You can choose from beautiful spring baskets, window frames and stars. They even have a peace shaped wreath and a heart for Valentine's Day. They never cut down trees or bushes only trim and allow the plants to continue to grow and thrive. What a wonderful way to bring nature inside without disturbing it.

I chose to get the Fairy chair, which in my opinion was beautiful on it's own. I chose to leave it natural. It has copper wire on the back for hanging and when winter is over I plan to move it out to my garden. I just love the wild look it has. I can just imagine this spring when it's outside and surrounded by color.

If fits so well in my home filled with Antiques that I think I could use one in every room. I would love to get a basket to fill with pine cones, acorns and dried pomegranate's. What would you choose? You can see all the different options The Naturals has to choose on Etsy. Check out how great the pricing is. I've seen similar items sell for triple the cost!

Juice in the Box ~Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~Valentine's Day Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~I received this product for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

I love fun reusable products. So I knew I would love Juice in the Box by Precidio. Did you know that it takes over 300 years for a single disposable juice box to decompose? Yikes, that's a long time and we throw out 132 billion disposable juice boxes every year. These are a great way to teach your child about recycling and reusable products.

Nikolas want's you to teach your kids about keeping the world healthy for him and other kids. This is a great teaching tool for teaching your kids to drink more water. Because the box is colored it looks like a fun drink and they get the water they need.

Juice in the Box comes in Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, and Green. You can buy one at the Precidio website. These are a great healthy teaching gift for your little ones. Nikolas loves his and so will your kids!

Play Laugh Love Inc Nail Polish ~Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~Valentine's Day Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~I received this product for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

The first time I saw these peel off polishes online I knew I had to try them. These polishes are all natural and made with fruits and veggies. How cool is that? There are no toxic, carcinogenic, or harsh chemicals at all and no plastic like in other polishes. They are odorless, and totally safe for your little ones. Did you know that anything you put on your nails can be absorbed into your body? I didn't ever think about it.

I ordered Sparkly Really Teally because I love some sparkle in my polish. I'm a true kid at heart. The polish comes in a little bottle that's perfect for little hands. This color is more of a sheer with blue sparkles. It was easy to apply and dried almost instantly. I didn't have to wait for it to dry very long, which is perfect for little active kids.

Removal of the Play Laugh Love polish is super easy. After all they are called peel off polish. They are waterproof but if you soak your hand in warm water you'll be able to peel them right off. This is great for people who love to change nail colors often. They come off pretty easy even without the soak.

They come in a wide range of colors, glitter, metallic and pearl colors. They all have super fun names like Fabulouse Fuscia Rosie Posie and Metallic Orangecicle. You can buy them in a three pack at the Play Love Laugh website or individually on Etsy.

~Review~ Delicates Wash Bag Set

~I received these products for my review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

This lingerie wash bag set comes with 4 Luxury Wash Bags, 2 Medium 12" x 15" white bags and 2 Large 16" x 19" white and black bags. Use the white wash bags for light-colored loads, and the black bag for dark-colored items. It has a zipped closure so it is snag free. The bags are a small mesh so nothing can get snagged by other item's in the wash either.

I tried mine out the first time with a super expensive pair of tights I bought from Japan. I haven't had great experience with this type of bag in the past so I was a little nervous. When I took the bag out the first thing I noticed was I hadn't got the zipped in the elastic closure completely. Luckily it barely touched the tights and so there were no big snags or holes. This was completely my fault. The second time I made sure to get the zipper inside the closure and it stayed put. No snags, clothes came out clean. In fact the tights from the first trial still looked new.

You can buy your own Delicates Wash Bag Set on Amazon. These are really great quality, nothing like the brands carried at the big box stores! I would certainly use them again!

Made from Earth ~Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~Valentine's Day Sweetheart Central Gift Guide Review~

~I received these products for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.~

Made from Earth is a new company to me. I was very pleased to get to test some of the products they offer. Made from Earth is an Organic line of skincare. I was sent the Aloe and Jojoba Creme Therapy which is for body or face use. My first thought was how good it smelled, It has a nice clean scent and is very refreshing. It's not super strong but just right in my opinion. It's supposed to be used after a bath or shower 2-3 times a week. So I decided it was a perfect time to take a bath to test it out. My skin is super dry and itchy, so I was pleased that almost instantly after I put it on that stopped. It feels so luxurious. They certainly call it creme for a reason.

You can see on my skin how it looks. Nice and shiny, and full of moisture. It's lasted for no less than 24 hours and kept my skin soft and silky. I plan on getting some for my mom for Valentine's day because it's a great product and would be so good for working out in the weather on the farm.

I was also sent the Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treatment. I wish you could smell it. It smells divine. It's thick and creamy. It made my nails super shiny and I could see a change in the strength within just a few days. It can also be used as a moisturizer. I've been using it on my hands and arms as well. This would be a great gift for a mom because it also helps with stretch marks and scars and we all have some of those!