Friday, December 19, 2014

~2014 Memories Giveaway Announcement~

***2 Winners***
ARV $150 ea.

Make Our Own Network
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~Deal~ POPKIND Under $2 Jewelry + 30-99% Off 500+ Items

~Please note that the following are affiliate links~

Wow some awesome deals going on over at POPKIND

Look at this adorable Retro Skeleton Style Water Droplet Shaped Necklace with Blue Rhinestone Pendant for $0.55. Yes you saw that right! Go to POPKIND to pick this up.

While your there check out some other awesome deals, like Austrian Crystal Elements Starfish Shape Diamond Inlaid Alloy Earrings in (Blue) for $0.99

Lovely Kitty Style Big Square Foldable Purse+Leather Band Wrist Watch Kit for $1.99

$2 Nintendo DSL Cases

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Watches as low as $6.83

Shop POPKIND clearance 30%-99% OFF Over 500 items

I plan on stocking up for Birthdays for next year. Let me know what kind of deals you picked up!

WARNING- There are some "adult eyes only" items on this site. I just skipped past them!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

~Deal~ adidas Adistar Racer Up to 55% off

~This post contains affiliate links~

Anyone who's known me a long time knows I LOVE adidas. They have been my shoe of choice since I was a kid. I used to buy 3-4 pair at a time so that I would always have them. Right now adidas is offering you the Adistar Racer for up to 55% off. These run from $70 to $85 and right now with the code ADISTAR you can get them for $39.99. Even better you also get FREE 2 day shipping! This deal is only good from December 19th thru 20th so grab it while you can. These shoes last a long time, they really hold up. Not to mention how cute they are! You can get this deal in Men's or Women's options and six different color options.

Christmas order Deadline for 2 Day shipping must order no later than 12/20. Overnight shipping must order no later than 12/23 by 12pm EST.

To get this deal enter the code ADISTAR at checkout! Visit adidas today for more options!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~Giveaway~ Set of Hand Carved Wooden Ornaments

Having my first giveaway on my own facebook Page. I would love for you to enter! Go to Primitivegypsy on Facebook to enter.

This is a WIN with a friend event. When you head over to Primitivegypsy make sure you comment and then tag your friends! If you win one of them will win also!

To see more photo's please visit our Etsy site Primitive Gypsy

~This giveaway in not endorsed or sponsored by Facebook. All items will be provided by Primitivegypsy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

~Free~ Glasses Try 5 pair for Free!

Need new Glasses or Sunglasses but don't want to drive in bad weather, or do you want a chance to try before you buy? Warby Parker Home-Try-On Program is the answer!

How it Works- 5 Days, 5 Pairs, 100% free!

Browse the frames at Warby Parker and pick out 5 pairs, they will be shipped absolutely free (within continental US)

Try them on in the comfort of your own home for 5 days. Ask family & friends what they think..

Pick your favorites and purchase them at Warby Parker

Pack up your samples & ship them back for free - no cost involved at all!

You can learn more about the HTO program here:

Look at all these cool frames..

And YES they do even offer a monocle.. How fun!

This post contains affiliate links.

~Tiny Prints~ Stackable Discount Codes Ends Tonight!

Calling all last minute shoppers who haven't sent your Christmas cards yet!

Tiny Prints has your back.

First, their sitewide sale of 25% to 30% off ends Tuesday, 12/16 at midnight PT. Second, if you order before midnight PT on 12/17, you can save $10 on their super rush shipping. And yes, you can stack those codes!

Here's how it works: 1. Go to Tiny Prints and choose from their selection of holiday cards. Personalize the cards with your pictures and text. 2. Use the code 30SWDEAL to save 25% on all orders and 30% on orders of $99+. 3. Stack the code SRSAVE10 if your order is more than $100 and you'll save $10 on their super rush shipping. You'll get the cards within two business days (if you are in the lower 48 states).

Monday, December 15, 2014

~Review & Giveaway~ Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

I am just in awe of this company. I couldn't wait to get a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins to try for my Teddy. I received a pair of the Born in the USA Freshly Picked Signature Collection Moccasins to try. I was highly impressed from the get go. They ship them in this cute little canvas bag with a Freshly Picked Button, and Smiley face stickers. My 2 year old grabbed those right up! Everyday since he's been running around with a sticker on him! It was a nice added touch to an already wonderful product.

Like most 7 months old Teddy can not keep shoes on his feet. You put them on, he kicks them off. In fact trying to get a photo was hysterical because he just kept rubbing his feet together. I love how soft they are. They are 100% leather and each pair is made in the USA! They feature elastic at the opening which makes them very easy to keep on your baby (or Toddler's) feet. Teddy had them on all day. I also was pleased with how easy they go on. Anyone with a baby knows that trying to dress a squirmy kid is no easy feat. These took just a few seconds to put on.

You can't even imagine how soft they are. I flipped them inside out so you can tell. Look at the quality of them! They are worth every penny.

These fit true to size. I chose a size 3 so they would be slightly big. They have a measurement chart right one the Freshly Picked site so you can know for sure your getting the size you need. They go all the way up to a size 10. I LOVE these Moccasins. They are so well made, soft, easy to get on and off, beautiful and handmade in the USA! Who could ask for more in a baby shoe?

When it came right down to it Teddy was as pleased with these Freshly Picked Moccasins as I was. He wasted no time in putting them right where he wanted them when he got the chance! He give's them a thumb's up and so do I!

Freshly Picked was gracious enough to offer one of my reader's the chance to win a pair of Moccasins. Please do not enter if you have won any giveaway in the last 60 days that included Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins.

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

Sunday, December 14, 2014

~DIY~ Primitive Rustic Nativity

I love to make things...and I've been wanting to make a more Primitive Nativity scene for years. I've done some one with glitter, and have some store bought ones but none of those really fit my home. This one does!

Today I am going to show you how to make your own Primitive Nativity!

What you will need
Pot or Jar
Paint Brush- good size
Glue gun
Jar of Instant Coffee (any kind)
Needle & String (not thin sewing thread)
Osnaberg (or similar beige fabric that tears easy)
Batting (I used a piece from an old ripped up quilt)
Three Old Clothespins or Round Dowels cut to size, two tall one short
Small Wood Strip Cut to size (Thin is best, about 1 1/2" to 2" wide)
Two Acorn Caps
Bunch of Twigs
Knife or something to cut twigs

Optional Items
Small bottle of brown craft paint

First things first cut the batting to fit around the clothespins. You don't want a huge amount of overlap. Next tear slightly smaller strips of Osnaburg to go around the batting. You will also need a small rectangular piece of osnaburg to go over the baby Jesus' head and another for the padding in the manger.

Wrap the batting around your clothespin and sew closed.

Next wrap the osnaburg around your clothespin. No need to sew this cloth. Next you will wrap the string around. Do NOT cut this off of your roll of string as you never know how much you will need. If you want to make Joesph like I did you will also need to do it up and around the back side. See the photo if you need help. I learned fast that the best way to get the V shape was to NOT go all the way to the top of the batting, go up and across then around the back then back down and across.

When you are ready to tie it off cut your string leaving quite a bit extra and use the needle to run it under the rest of the thread twice and then knot.

On the baby Jesus the only difference is before you put the osnaberg wrap you will do the cap. Fold it over the sides and back then sew it around attaching it to the batting like so and knot. The repeat the osnaberg and string. If you want added texture you can wrap some cheesecloth around before the string.

Next you will need to make your coffee dye. I made mine dark by adding some of the brown paint, but you don't have to. Add about 4 scoops of the instant coffee to your pot or jar and then add water until it's the color you like. Test on another piece of fabric if your not sure of the color. If you do add paint, don't over add. You can always add more if needed. If you mess up and get it too dark rinse off your fabric with cold water and start again.

Put your Mother Mary, Joesph and Baby Jesus and the manger blanket in the coffee dye and let soak for a few minutes. Then pull out to dry. I recommend a baking tray, putting the heads on the edge so any excess dye flows away while drying. I usually lay mine by our wood burning stove for faster drying. You can also do it in the oven, but keep a good eye on it or it will end up black and you'll start a fire. The oven will also make it have darker streaks across it. Some people LOVE that but I am not one of them.

While your Holy Family are drying you will begin your manger for the Baby Jesus. Turn on your glue gun. You'll need to cut your twigs, Mine were around 2 1/2 to 3" long. Make sure the four twigs for the cross part of the stand are identical in size and width. Take your glue gun and glue the cross pieces together. I tied them for extra support with string. I wrapped it around a few times and tied it off. Do both sides.

Next put the initial center twig down, using the biggest one you have on the bottom, going down in size as you go up the manger. Glue on both ends as you go.

Your finished manger should look similar to this.

Once your manger glue is totally dry which it should be quickly, take the paintbrush and brush some coffee dye onto the string wrapped around your manager till it's dark enough for you. Let sit to dry.

Once Mother Mary, Baby Jesus and Joesph are dry they should look similar to this and this is what you should have left to work with.

You will need to glue the hats on the clothespins and then glue them to the wood bases. All you need to do is use your glue gun to glue the middle and back of their heads and attach the acorn caps and then around the bottom of the fabric wrapped around them. Then just sit on the stands. It will be dry almost as soon as you do it. Lastly put Baby Jesus and the manger blanket in the manger and voila You are DONE!

This idea is 100% of my own design. If you need any help please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me on facebook!

~Review & Giveaway~ Broc and Cara's Picnic Party Children's Book

How hard is it to get your kid's to eat healthy foods? I am fortunate that the majority of my 6 kids are good eater's. But...there is always that one. The one who cringes every time you say we are having Green Bean's. That look of torment comes over them. Then you spend what should be a pleasant dinner hour begging them to please eat their veggies and you both end the evening crying. Do you ever wonder why there isn't more products geared towards kids to eat something besides candy and junk food?

Let me introduce you to Broc and Cara, your guide to helping your child learn to love eating veggies. This book Broc and Cara's Picnic Party by Dave A. Wilson was wonderful! I knew the minute I received it that my 2 year old Nikolas was going to love it! It's super colorful, it has fun language that kids of all ages enjoy, including me. It's not too long and it's not to short. Short enough to hold a small child's attention but long enough for a cute story.

Nikolas couldn't take his eyes off the colorful illustrations. He was pointing and talking, every time he saw the Broc character he would says Tree. That's what he calls his Broccoli. Buzzy the Bee takes you along in the story where you meet Broc and Cara and learn all about eating healthy. He just couldn't get enough. Food, tree, food, tree was the vocabulary of the day! Nikolas is NOT a sitter, he jumps around when we read and goes to get another book, or a train, or some water. You get the picture...he sat through this entire book. No jumping, bouncing or running about...not even once. He was totally focused on this book!

One of my favorite parts of the book was at the end. A page for your child to draw their favorite veggie and sport! Interactive reading, what could be better than that?

On top of being totally entertaining it promotes such a great message to our children. Healthy eating can be fun! To learn more about Broc and Cara visit them HERE and look at all the cute downloads they offer. You can get a poster and coloring pages, or make a puppet! You can also visit Broc and Cara on Facebook Here you will find fun ways to make your kids want to eat their veggies, an information about other places to find healthy fun for your kids. Don't want to wait for the giveaway to end? You can get your own Print or eBook copy of Broc and Cara's Picnic Party HERE!

On to the Giveaway... Dave has graciously given us TWO copies of Broc and Cara's Picnic Party to give away to our blog friends. Yippee! You can have your very own copy and get your child started on the path to healthy eating and a love of reading! Two of my favorite things!

Broc and Cara's Picnic Party Children's Book

Primitive Gypsy is responsible for sending the prizes for this giveaway. I received this book for my honest review. All opinions are my own (and Nikolas')!