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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Great Times at Silver Dollar City & the Branson Belle Showboat in Southern Missouri

~ PrimitiveGypsy received free tickets for these attractions. We were not compensated in any other way ~

It's hard to find fun things to do in the fall, winter and even the early spring here in the MidWest. Most things are closed because the weather is unpredictable. So instead our kids spend time inside glued to electronics. I don't know about you, but this drives me nuts. I'm always looking for something fun to do outside the house. This year we decided to take a short trip to Branson to visit Silver Dollar City and The Showboat Branson Belle.

We started out on a Sunday with a trip to Silver Dollar City. I recommend going another day besides Sunday. They open later, 1pm on the day we went (I assume for their employees and families to be able to go to church and spend time with their families) and closed at 9pm and 8 hours during a peak time was just not enough. Sadly because of Don's work schedule, we had to go on a Sunday. We chose to not pay for parking so we had to park farther away, but they offer a shuttle back and forth from each lot. That was a lifesaver at the end of the evening. We chose to hustle and walk to the park because we didn't want to wait, getting our exercise up a large flight of stairs. It wasn't bad at all but if you have any health problems, are pregnant or have someone elderly with you I would pay for preferred parking. When you arrive at the front there is a store, guest relations, etc and you go through a gate to a small walkway to security. They will check your bags as you go in. This part went quickly and we were in the park in no time. My first impressions of the park itself were really good. We chose to go right hoping to get to our chosen food choice around dinner. It didn't happen but I was still glad we went that way. When you go to the right you end up on what looks like an old period street with little shops, food, even a blacksmith. I couldn't skip that store. They had the coolest roses they'd made. Most of this area is stores and shows but there are a few rides that blend in with the period decor. This was my favorite part of the park. I could have spent the whole day wandering in and out of the shops. But....we have little kids so on we go...

This is most certainly a theme park for families. It reminded me a lot of Knott's Berry Farm in California (if you've been there) because it's geared towards kids and families and not teenagers like most theme parks. Yes, they have roller coasters but no that's not the majority of the park. The majority of the ride areas were mainly riding for the littles. We had our 3, 4 and 12 year old along. We went on the big swings, called the Magnificent Wave Carousel which had Thomas smiling from ear to ear, and a bunch of little rides. The littles just loved this and probably would have never left. We followed that up with a good adult ride for Don and I while Thomas, Niko, and Teddy watched us in awe. When we got off all we heard was that was scary looking. Yeah, a little but we were certainly riding high afterward. Right there they also have a measuring station and your little ones can get a bracelet with their height and your contact information on it. We went 3 weeks ago and Teddy still has on his bracelet. I must have asked a million times to cut it off, but he loved our day at Silver Dollar City and I think it may have to fall off instead. We basically spent the majority of our day letting the kids ride all the rides. Niko's favorite ride was The Grand Exposition roller coaster which is a small wooden coaster that almost anyone can ride. Teddys favorite ride was Lucky's Dizzy Dogs which features Lucky the Dalmation and you bounce around a fire hydrant in a circle. The whole area around this ride is a big Fire House, with a station and firehouse themed rides. There was a number of water and other rides closed for the season but there was still plenty to see and do.

The attraction of going to Silver Dollar City in the winter is the huge light festival. They start in the summer stringing lights and they told us they literally finish the day before they open for the Holiday Season. They have up over 6.5 million lights, over 100 decorated trees, Christmas shows, and a light parade. You can take your kids to meet Santa Claus and Rudolph and the Reindeer. We skipped this because we went on a short day but stepped inside and these looked like they were decorated to the hilt. There is also a train ride to a live singing Nativity that the kids really enjoyed. The train ride travels past many of the light exhibits that you may not otherwise see as well through the crowds of people.

Our favorite part of any day is food time and we enjoyed greatly our food from the Fry Bread Company and Flossie's Fried Fancies at dinner time. We were glad we chose this side of the park for dinner because it was not as crowded and a good relaxing break from the noise and crowds. We enjoyed a few of the shops and then headed over to the train and Christmas in Midtown lighted area. We ended the day back at the front of the park as the tree lighting was going on. All in all, we had a fantastic day and even with the crowds I would highly recommend this trip to Silver Dollar City any time of year, but especially at the Holidays. My kids are super excited to go back and we are contemplating season passes for 2018.

The next weekend we planned our trip to the Branson Belle Showboat. We walked down the hiking trail from the Tablerock Lake visitor center so the kids could see the Showboat and took my Ma for her Birthday. The decorations were tastefully done and while less than at Silver Dollar City, I appreciated them more as they were simple and understated. We took Baby Susannah with us as we knew she would enjoy the singing (and the food). You get to board the Showboat pretty quickly and once on they take a photo of your party before you go inside and get shown to your seats. You can buy these photos and a book later if you'd like. You then get sat at long tables that go across the boat so everyone can see the stage. You are then free to get up, go outside, visit the small shop, and take photos. Since we went in December we went to the Celebrate Christmas show which was a cute singing Christmas show with dancing, music and, magic. Baby Susannah was fascinated with the entire thing and even stayed awake the entire time. The food was really good, you get two types of meat, a side dish, bread, and tea or lemonade, and then followed up with dessert. They play music during dinner and then you have a break to cruise about the boat and stand out watching Tablerock Lake before the main show. It was a nice afternoon. They also had a morning Pajamas with Santa cruise that looked like tons of fun for the littles.

I want to end with that all the employees both at the park and the showboat were exceptionally friendly, cheery and polite. You could tell they really enjoyed their job and that was very refreshing. We really had a blast at Silver Dollar City and the Showboat was a fun trip. If you're in the area definitely spend a day at Silver Dollar City! For more information on either go to

Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Friday, December 15, 2017

~Free~ Today Only Barefut Essential Oils 3 FREE Gifts

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Last day of the Barefut 12 Days of Christmas Sales. Today you will receive a Sleep Essential Oil Balm, Wintergreen Essential Oil & Adjustable 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet for FREE with a $12 purchase. These will be automatically be added to your cart, No coupon needed. Everything else is also on sale, I saw tons of Essential Oils under $10 and some under $5 even. This is one of the best sales I have seen at Barefut.

Check out this Amazing Christmas package deal. It Includes: Christmas Time Eternity Blend, Allspice, Spruce Black, Sweet Orange, 2 oz Apricot Carrier Oil, and Lip Vitality for $37.99 and Free shipping. This one is normally over $115. There is two other wonderful Christmas packages to choose from.

If you have never tried Barefut you are missing out. These are wonderful pure Essential Oils and they are priced so reasonably and each month highlight oils in the Get to Know Barefut Sale. So every month you can try new oils or stock up at a low cost.

Monday, December 11, 2017

~ DIY ~ Christmas & Holiday Salt Dough Ornaments & Handcrafted Primitive Cabins!

~If you click and purchase from any links in this post Primitive Gypsy may make a small commission~

Have you been wanting to make your own ornaments? Or do you need a fun project at home for the kids? This year we moved and since we don't have all of our tools we thought it would be fun to try our hand at Salt Dough Ornaments. We've made different batches for weeks and here are the best ways to do them we've found. These are fairly quick and easy enough that the kids can make them too. You probably have all or most of the ingredients already in your home.

First off what ingredients do you need? Here is a list-
3 cups of All Purpose Flour
1 cup of Cinnamon + a jar with a sprinkle lid (Leave out if you want light Ornaments)
1 cup of Salt
1 1/2 cups (or thereabouts) of Water
Essential oils. Your choice, we used Cinnamon and Clove. Barefut makes an excellent Christmas Time or Tree Blend. You can buy it HERE.
Large Mixing Bowl
Rolling Pin
Cookie Cutters
Baking Sheet
Dried Cloves, Juniper Berries or Seeds of some kind. Optional but look nice.
Shaping Tools and/or Toothpicks
String, or Ornament Hooks
Pastry Cutter Optional for all but Cabin.
Cooling Rack is optional but helps
Spray to seal. Optional but they will last longer. This should be the kind that dries clear and can be found at any hardware or big box store. Amazon also has a large selection HERE.

Start out with making the dough. Add all the dry ingredients in your mixing bowl. Stir well until fully mixed. Take out a small amount of this mix around 1/4 to 1/2 a cup and use to dust where you will be rolling and cutting out your ornaments. We did ours on a large wooden cutting board. Set this aside for now. You can also just use cinnamon.

In the measuring cup with your water add a few drops of your Essential Oils of choice. I added about 6 to 8. Stir this well and then gradually pour into your dry mixture while stirring. You may use Fragrance Oils but they don't smell as nice nor are they as good for you. Continue to add and stir your water in. You want a ball of dough. This should not be sticky, but nice and smooth.

Place your dough on your floured counter, table or cutting board. Pat it down and then start rolling. You want it to be about 1/4" thick all around.

Once the dough thickness is the right size start cutting out your shapes. Immediately move them onto your baking pan. You may grease it but I found you really don't need too, especially if you are using stoneware. If you have extra dough just re-roll and start the process over.

Try and use all the dough at once. You may refrigerate it but it becomes difficult to use and dries out fast.

Using either your little cutting tools or toothpicks work out a hole towards the top of your ornaments. Make this a good size to put string or a hook through. You do not need to leave the toothpick in it, it will not close.

Add any cloves, berries or seeds for buttons or decorations. Press these down deep and hard or they will fall off once baked. I love the way the Juniper berries look. You can buy them HERE from Amazon.

Bake the ornaments at 300 degrees for approx 30 minutes. Depending on the size and thickness these can take up to an hour. You want them to be dry but not burnt.

Pull them out of them over and transfer to a baking rack or someplace to dry. Once dry and cool, you can dust them with cinnamon or spray with the Sealing spray and dry. This shouldn't take but a few minutes if that. If you want to dust with cinnamon get them lightly wet, sprinkle the cinnamon over them, blow excess off or lightly shake. Then do the sealing spray. After dry add string or hooks and hang on your tree. You can do so many things with these. We did footprints and carved out Log Cabins. See visual instructions for those below. We did hand and footprints. For those make the dough slightly thicker and evenly press the hand or foot in. We did names and dates and we used our little tools to make our own patterns and designs like snowflakes. Your imagination is the limit.

How to make your own Primitive Log Cabin Ornaments.

Start off following all directions above and then follow the photos and instructions below to shape them! This is where you need the pastry cutter or a knife will do!

First make your dough rectangular, just cut off the excess. Use your tools to draw lines in your dough. As many as you want including one for the cabin roof.

Use your tools to cut off the roof at an angle and then to cut a straight line for the edge of the cabin walls. Save this dough to make your doors and windows.

Take that extra cut off dough and lightly smooth with water. Cut off excess if needed to make the right size door and /or windows. You will also use the water to smooth it down onto the cabin so it will stick. Pat around the door edges into the cabin with your tools. This will ensure the door won't come off. You can also do this and add a chimmney if you'd like. This is a fun added touch.

This is what they will look like without cinnamon dusted on.

I hope you enjoyed our little tutorial on making Salt Dough Ornaments. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Free Trial of the Best Gift for Far Away Family from TurnGram- Send Photos Anywhere!

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What a time saver this will be for you to send photos of you, your kids or your family to elderly and long-distance loved ones all year long. The idea is simple. TurnGram will take some of your photos every month, edit them and then ship them wherever you choose! I plan on sending mine to my kids Abuela. She doesn't get to see the kids very often so how awesome to get new photos of them monthly in the mail. She can show off her grandkids to everyone and I won't have to fit a finger.

A little more detail.... TurnGram is the perfect gift for everyone on your list...from your closest friend to that hard to buy for relative! For a few bucks, a month, TurnGram will select photos from your Instagram feed based on instructions you provide and deliver them directly to the door of your friends and loved ones. TADA no work required from you, no printing, or picking up from the store, and no trips to the post office!

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Reebok 40% off Everything Cyber Monday Sale!

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

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Free Curling Wands & Blow Dryers from Xtava!

Who doesn't want free hair styling tools? Does everyone remember the AWESOME Xtava Curling Wands and Blow Dryers we used to get for product testing? They are active again and offering new items. These have been the best wands and blow dryers I have ever owned if you're hesitant to try them.

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