Sunday, October 19, 2014

No one wants to know...

I know none of you wanted to hear this but we had to put one of the piggies down..Chopsy may you rest in peace and thank you for your meat to fill us. Chopsy is now in our freezer, because she was so young we had to butcher her. No butcher will touch a baby, because it's hard and not much meat. I think we got two roasts and a big chunk or pork though. Don and Phil did that work, I couldn't stomach it. (some farmer I'll be) Amazingly Thomas went out to watch all aspects of it, he may turn into a farm boy yet. Don't tell him though because I'm afraid if he doesn't become the next Wayne Gretsky or Sidney Crosby he may be dissapointed. The Colorado Avalanche better watch out because he may hunt them down till they say yes!

So poor Chopsy had a medical condition that costs as much to fix as the pig is worth, and may still die, and may die in a lot of pain. No one wanted to see that so figured using her for food now was better than wasting her and possibly seeing her suffer later. I can't say I was happy as those pigs have made our life funny this last week or two. Pig Chasing 101, yeah I could teach it! I know the neighbors fields as well as our own now. He raises cattle, and thankfully they didn't try and roam his whole farm. They tended to stay close by his pond, coming back during the mornings and evenings. But now we have a better pen in the Carving Barn for Hamhock! She is becoming very friendly and almost is eating out of your hand! We feed her pellets, and then give her slop (aka whatever leftovers, and things no one will eat). She really enjoys buttermilk! So here is to Chopsy!